Fantasy MMA Statndings

What's up ya crazy bastards! I compiled all the statistics and have our first official standings of the fantasy season.

After our first event, Phalanx703 is on top with 247.5 points thanks to brilliant performances by Jim Miller and Dustin Poirier, unfortunately Chris Leben and Tibau his other two roster mates scored a combine 11.5 points.

Letstalkmma pulled in 2 great performances from Weidman and Patalino to nab second place for the moment. I grabbed third, but did pick up a 200 point snap leg in half bonus

Here's a look at the standings through event 1 out of 5

#1: Phalanx703: 247.5

  • HW:Alexy Olenick
  • MW: Chris Leben: 5.5 pts
  • WW: Jason High
  • LW: Jim Miller: 107.5
  • FW: Dustin Poirier: 128.5
  • BW: Renan Barao
  • UTL: Gleeson Tibau: 6 pts
  • UTL: Costa

#2: LetstalkMMA: 188

  • HW: Walt Harris
  • MW: Chris Weidman: 94.5
  • WW: William Mecario: 93.5
  • LW: Daron Cruikshank
  • FW: The Crusher
  • BW: TJ Dillshaw
  • UTL: Hugo Viana
  • UTL: Elvis Silviero

#3: Potato623: 136.5

#4: Violent Mike: 135

#5: Joben: 115

  • HW: Alistair Overeem
  • MW: Urijah Hall: 115
  • WW: Aldon Amagov(Injured)
  • LW: John Makdessi
  • FW: Jeremy Stephens
  • BW: John Lineker
  • UTL: Will Chope
  • UTL: Bobby Green
  • Injury Reserve: Bruce Leeroy, needs to pickup WW
  • Tripplich: 96

    #7: Phasebook: 81

    #8: Taporsnap: 51

    #9: Shivan: 43

    #10: Uhadmeatkimura: 11

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