Fist Data

UFC 168 has a superbowl feel to it, so lets celebrate it like a superbowl and provide some useless data.


UFC 64 Weigh Ins - October 14, 2006 - First time A. Silva challenges for belt.


UFC 168 Weigh Ins - December 27, 2013 - Possibly the last time A. Silva challenges for belt.


So hands up or hands down?

The first time Silva employed the hands down stare down was at UFC 82 weigh in, Feburary 29, 2008. He went on to submit Hendo in round 2.


So does it matter?

Hands up

  • UFC ufn 5 (ko rd 1) Leben
  • UFC 64(tko rd 1) Franklin
  • UFC 67(sub w/ elbows rd 2) Lutter
  • UFC 73(tko rd 1) Marquardt
  • UFC 77(tko rd 2) Franklin
  • UFC 134 (tko rd 2) Okami
  • UFC 153 (tko rd 1) Bonnar

Record: 7-0 6 tko 1 sub

average fight time: 4:07

Hands down

  • UFC 82(sub rd 2) Hendo
  • UFC fn (tko rd 1) Irvin
  • UFC 90 (tko injury) Cote
  • UFC 97 (dec) Leites
  • UFC 101 (ko rd 1) Griffin
  • UFC 112 (dec) Maia
  • UFC 117 (sub rd 5) Sonnen
  • UFC 126 (ko rd 1) Belfort
  • UFC 148 (tko rd 2) Sonnen
  • UFC 162 (ko loss) Weidman

Record: 9-1 5 tko 2 sub 2 dec

average fight time: 11:58

UFC 168 Outcome undetermined but we know A. Silva had his fists up! So likely outcome is a quick finish by TKO for the victor A. Silva.

What says you manicas?

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