UFC 171: Tyron Woodley wants retired Nick Diaz removed from the top 10 rankings


"Lazy pigs don't get no slop."

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Tyron Woodley is not ranked in the top 10 of his division.

But perhaps he could be, if a guy like Nick Diaz wasn't holding one of the spots hostage. In fact, the former Strikeforce prospect doesn't believe it's fair for a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter who is retired and not competing to be ranked at all, since he is unable to defend his spot in the pecking order.

"The Chosen One" vents to Bloody Elbow:

"The guy is retired. His return might be pending, but according to me, he's still retired. I don't believe he should be in the rankings. If you say you're retired, you should come out of the rankings. Until you're back in there competing, I don't think it's fair to ask people like myself, who's been fighting tooth and nail to get into the top 10, just to have a shot at one of the top five guys. I think Nick Diaz has done a lot for the sport, but I feel he's letting his legacy be sealed tight with what he's already accomplished. I don't really think we'll see him fight again. It definitely worked out to my benefit that he turned down the rematch, for sure. I'm just the squeaky wheel, yelling as loud as I can, begging to be heard. In this game, closed mouths don't get fed. Lazy pigs don't get no slop. I think Diaz has done what he set out to do. He's an amazing fighter that's surrounded in controversy. He sold a lot of pay-per-views and tickets. I haven't done that yet. I'm just waiting for the person that's brave enough to take the risk to fight a guy that's not in the top 10 yet."

Diaz -- who called it quits after a UFC 158 loss to Georges St. Pierre -- is currently clinging to the No. 10 spot, according to the official UFC rankings (see them here).

Woodley can crash the rankings party with a huge upset at UFC 171, where he is currently scheduled to throw hands opposite number-two ranked Carlos Condit on March 15, 2014 inside the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas (details), after texting UFC President Dana White 15 times a day.

The pig is finally getting his slop ... but will he get a spot in the rankings against "The Natural Born Killer?"

Time will tell.

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