Who Should Fight Who? UFC on FOX 9 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.


Johnson should fight The Winner of Lineker vs Bagautinov - Reason: Who saw that coming? Not many of us. Going into the fight I thought Mighty Mouse would outwork Benavidez and win another decision but early on in round number one I thought to myself that there was a good chance MM was going to catch Benavidez and about 30 seconds later he knocked him out. It was as shocking as anything I've seen in a fight in a while. I know MM's technique is fantastic but I didn't think he'd actually be able to put him out. It was unbelievable. Hes the best Flyweight in the world and hes Top 5 P4P in my opinion, perhaps even Top 3. Hes that fucking good. He beats the best in the world, hes starting to finish these guys and hes looking better than ever. There aren't any contenders for him to fight right now. The ones who deserve title shots hes beaten already so I think he should fight The Winner of John Lineker vs Ali Bagautinov. The Winner of that fight could and should get a title shot. There really isn't anyone else for MM to fight right now. It'd be a good fight. I hope Lineker beats Bagautinov because I'd much rather see him fight MM, I believe that fight could be a FOTY candidate.


Benavidez should fight Elliott - Reason: Joseph Benavidez got his lights shut off and I'm pretty sure he wasn't expecting that to happen. Hes one of the best in the world, hes still the #2 or #3 FLW on the planet and hes one of the best P4P. He beats everybody that doesn't have a belt around their waste and I believe he'll be fighting for the title once again by mid 2015. I'd like to see Benavidez build his way back up. I don't want to see him fight anyone above #5 for some time. Hes like Junior Dos Santos, I don't want to see Benavidez pick off contenders because thats what he'll do if you give him those fights. I'd like to see him face Tim Elliott next. This fight makes sense to me and I think it'd be a great fight. Benavidez could also fight Louis Gaudinot or Scott Jorgensen.


Faber should fight The Winner of Cruz vs Barao - Reason: Thats the best Uriah Faber has looked in years. He completely dominated Michael McDonald. He hurt him on the feet with his boxing and then finished it on the ground with his infamous Guillotine choke. Such a fantastic performance. Hes clearly the #1 contender now. His next fight should be against the Champion. So I'd like to see him face The Winner of Renan Barao vs Dominick Cruz. He deserves another title shot and I hope he gets it. He has said that he'd be interested in fighting Frankie Edgar I assume at 145lbs if he had to wait a long time for The Winner of Barao vs Cruz. I don't think he will have to wait though. I think he'll get The Winner of that fight a few months after 169.


McDonald should fight Menjivar - Reason: Michael McDonald is still one of the most talented and dangerous fighters in the world. He just got outclassed by one of the best fighters of all time. Mayday is very young and he still has a very bright future. I'd like to McDonald fight some guys who are in the Top 8-15 range. I'd like to see him face Ivan Menjivar next. I like this fight a lot. I think it'd be a fantastic fight. McDonald could also fight George Roop or Erik Perez.


Mendes should fight The Winner of Aldo vs Lamas - Reason: Mendes looked good, he dominated but he didn't destroy his opponent like he we're used to seeing him do. He claims that he was sick during that fight, that would make sense. It was an impressive performance, especially if he was sick. Hes the second best Featherweight in the world. He should fight The Winner of Jose Aldo vs Ricardo Lamas. He has proven that hes ready for another title shot and I'd be really pissed if he didn't get it.


Lentz should fight Jung - Reason: Even though Lentz was dominated he still looked good. He was getting fucked up in that First round but after that he did a decent job against an absolute beast named Chad Mendes. I'd like to see Lentz fight Chan Sung Jung next. I love this fight. I believe Jung will be ready to go soon and I'd like to see him and Lentz fight when hes healthy. I think it'd be a great fight. Lentz could also fight Clay Guida or Rani Yahya.


Lauzon should fight Chiesa - Reason: Joe Lauzon looked fucking awesome. He dominated. He battered Danzig with elbows, it was brutal. It was his best performance in a while. I was very impressed. I'd like to see him face Michael Chiesa next. This fight makes sense to me and I think it'd be a lot of fun. Lauzon could also fight Anthony Njokuani or Tony Ferguson.


Danzig should be cut. Mac Danzig has lost Four out of his last Five fights. I like the guy, I've been a fan for years but its time for him to be cut. He should go out and win some fights in the smaller shows. Then come back to the UFC.


LaFlare should fight Alves - Reason: LaFlare looked good. It was a very close fight in my opinion. I thought McGee won, granted I've only seen the fight once but I do believe McGee did enough to get the W. That said LaFlare fought a great fight and I think hes going to give a lot of guys problems. Hes a great athlete and hes very well rounded. I expect him to be fighting Top 10 guys a year from now. I'd like to see LaFlare fight Thiago Alves next. I love this fight and I think it'd be a phenomenal scrap. LaFlare could also fight John Hathaway or Brandon Thatch.


McGee should fight Marquardt - Reason: I thought McGee looked good. It was a close fight and I thought he did enough to get the Win. He didn't get it though. Even though he lost I don't this hurts his stock a ton. I expect him to get a top 10-20 guy next, someone with a decent name. I'd like to see him face Nate Marquardt next. This fight makes sense to me and I think it'd be a very good fight. McGee could also fight Mike Pierce or Josh Koscheck.



Barboza should fight The Winner of Johnson vs Tibau - Reason: Barboza looked really good but he got his fucking ass kicked in that first round. It was definitely a 10-8 round for Castillo but Barboza recovered and won the next two rounds. I scored the second and third rounds 10-9 for Barboza so I feel it should have been ruled a Draw but that did not happen. Instead they gave the Win to Barboza. He did look good in that fight but I don't think he won, it was a Draw. I'd like to see him face The Winner of Michael Johnson vs Gleison Tibau. This fight makes a ton of sense to me and I think it'd be a great fight. Barboza could also fight The Winner of Jim Miller vs Fabricio Camoes or The Winner of Melvin Guillard vs Ross Pearson.


Castillo should fight Healy - Reason: Castillo looked great in that first round but he really gassed himself out trying to finish Barboza so he was pretty tired for that last ten minutes. I thought the fight was a Draw and I don't think this loss will really hurt Castillo. Dana White also thought that fight was a Draw and I'm sure others in his crew feel the same. I'd like to see Castillo fight Pay Healy next. This fight makes sense and I think its an interesting match up. Castillo could also fight Evan Dunham or Jamie Varner.


Green should fight Trujillo- Reason: Green looked great. His striking has really improved. I was also very impressed by his speed and movement. I think hes a cocky prick but the dude's talented. Hes going to be fighting Abel Trujillo next. I like this fight a lot, I was surprised that they made this fight though. Green just fought Pat Healy who is one of the best Lightweights in the world and is ranked in the Top 15. Trujillo's not even in the Top 25. I know rankings don't mean anything sometimes but I think this is definitely a step down for Trujillo and its a very risky fight. In my opinion its a high risk low reward fight. I think it'll be a fun fight though.


Healy should fight Castillo - Reason: Healy fought hard and it was a close fight in my opinion. I was hoping that they would call his name when reading the decision but I was not shocked when they did not. Green performed very well and Healy didn't really show up until late in the fight. I'd like to see Healy fight Danny Castillo next. I like this fight, it makes sense and I think it'd be a very good fight. Healy could also fight Gray Maynard or Evan Dunham.


Makovsky should fight Sampo - Reason: Zach Makovsky looked awesome in that fight. I was very happy to see him fight the way he did. Hes been one of the best in the world for some time now and hes finally in the UFC where he belongs. He looked great against a solid vet in Scott Jorgensen. I was very impressed. I'd like to see him face Josh Sampo next. I love this fight and I think it'd be absolute fireworks. Makovsky could also fight Justin Scoggins or Jussier Formiga.


Jorgensen should fight Uyenoyama - Reason: Jorgensen looked alright. He fought hard but he wasn't able to get the Win. He'll be back though. I still really like him at 125lbs. I believe he will do some damage in this division. I'd like to see him face Darren Uyenoyama next. This fight makes sense to me. Jorgensen could also fight Joseph Benavidez or Ryan Benoit.


Stout should fight Parke - Reason: Stout looked good. I wasn't very impressed though considering he was fighting a bum. Cody McKenzie is probably the worst fighter in the UFC right now. He has great chokes but other than that hes shit. Stout should have fucking destroyed him but instead he outstruck him and won a pretty boring decision. I expect a lot more from Stout. I'd like to see him face Norman Parke next. I like this fight and I think it'd be very exciting. Stout could also fight Tony Ferguson or Anthony Njokuani.



McKenzie should fight cut. Cody McKenzie is one of the worst fighters in the UFC. There is no need for me to say anymore. He should be cut.


Trujillo should fight Green - Reason: Abel Trujillo is a scary fucking dude. He smashed Roger Bowling like I knew he would. It was brutal and I loved every second of it. Trujillo's fighting Bobby Green next and I hope he knocks his fucking head off. I don't like Green, I think hes arrogant and a douchebag. Trujillo has the ability to lay him out and I hope he does. Either way its going to be a great fight.


Bowling should be cut. Roger Bowling likes to bang, I like that but he hasn't won a fight in a while. Hes technically lost three out of his last four but in my opinion he has lost four in a row. Four losses in a row gets you cut in my book.


Ozkilic should fight Smolka - Reason: Ozkilic looked great. It was a solid UFC debut. Hes going to be fighting Louis Smolka next. Smolka will be making his UFC debut. Smolka's a big Flyweight. Should be a fun fight.


Uyenoyama should fight Jorgensen - Reason: Uyenoyama looked alright in that fight. He fought hard but wasn't able to get the Win. Uyenoyama's still one of the best Flyweights in the world and I don't think hes in danger of being cut. I'd like to see him face Scott Jorgensen next. I like this fight a lot and I think it would be a very fun fight. Uyenoyama could also fight Jose Maria Tome or Ryan Benoit.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know which fights you like and which fights you want to see happen.

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