Potato's Dysfunctional Fantasy MMA: The Results

Well that was interesting! The draft only took about 8 days to finish, Joben had a meltdown, Bill got called a scumbag, I think I got told to fuck off at one point, and somewhere Pablo was laughing his ass off. But regardless, we got through it.

Now we have one last thing to tackle; the scoring system.

Joben and Violent Mike think we should use the kountermove scoring system cuz it’s easier to keep track of scores and pretty consistent. I don’t have a big issue with this, but I have a counter-proposal that I think could work and be consistent.

My issues with KM are the winner of rounds getting 10(which judge are they using, their own? Judges aren’t very consistent, not sure I like this) a 5th round finish bonus(why not 3rd and 4th??) and no points for takedown defends. If I can get 6-3 or better for my system I’ll use it.

I think my system favors finishers, but gives decision fighters a fair chance at points, I’ll provide examples below.

My proposal:

  1. Sig Strike: .5
  2. Takedown: 3
  3. Takedown Defend: 1.5
  4. Knockdown: 5
  5. Pass: 1.5
  6. Sub attempt: 1.5
  7. Reversal: 1.5
  8. KO: 25
  9. Submission: 25
  10. UD/MD: 15
  11. Split: 10
  12. Draw/DQ: 5
  13. Bonuses:
  14. Under 2 Minute finish: 100
  15. First Round Finish: 75
  16. 2nd round: 50
  17. 3rd and beyond: 25

Scoring Examples from my system:

GSP: UFC 158

Strikes: 105=52.5
Takedowns: 9: 27
Pass: 2: 3 pts
UD: 15
Total: 97.5

Mighty Mouse:

KO: 25
Bonus: 75
Strikes: 7=3.5
Knockdown: 5

Total: 108.5

Chad Mendes: Fox 9

UD: 15
strikes: 35= 17.5
Takedowns: 7=21
3 defends=4.5
1 sub attempt: 1.5
1 pass: 1.5
Total: 61

Faber: Fox 9

Strikes: 29=14.5
Sub: 25
Bonus: 50
1 takedown: 1.5
1 knockdown: 5
1 sub attempt: 1.5
Total: 97.5

Final Roster:


Violent Mike:






  • HW: Walt Harris
  • MW: Chris Weidman
  • WW: William Mecario
  • LW: Daron Cruikshank
  • FW: The Crusher
  • BW: TJ Dillshaw
  • UTL: Hugo Viana
  • UTL: Elvis Silviero



  • WW: Pacal Krause
  • HW: Josh Barnett
  • MW: Luke Rockhold
  • BW: Eddie Wineland
  • LW: Michael Johnson
  • FW: Ricardo Lamas
  • UTL: Mike Easton
  • UTL: Trevor Smith


Now feel free to shit on your opponents teams in the comment section.

Fell free to make any side bets!

Like the one proposed here:


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