GLORY 13 official weigh in results and photos gallery for 'Tokyo' event on Dec. 21 in Japan (Updated)

With just over 24 hours until fight night, all the participants in this weekend's GLORY 13 kickboxing event were on hand to tip the scale and make it official. Complete weigh-in results from Tokyo below.

The GLORY 13 weigh in event took place earlier today (Dec. 20, 2013) from inside the Keio Plaza Hotel in Tokyo, Japan, for the upcoming kickboxing event which takes place this Saturday night (Dec. 21) at the nearby Ariake Coliseum on pay-per-view (PPV) and Spike TV.

All fighters hit their respective marks without incident. Except for Jerome LeBanner, who apparently can weigh in whenever the hell he feels like it. Not that it matters, considering his fight is contested at heavyweight.

Aside from that, here's what's in the books:

Peter Aerts (104.6 kg - 230.6 lbs) vs. Rico Verhoeven (116 kg - 255.7 lbs)
Daniel Ghita (113.6 kg - 250.4 lbs) vs. Errol Zimmerman (108.6 kg - 239.4 lbs)
Dustin Jacoby (90 kg - 198.4 lbs) vs. Makoto Uehara (90.3 kg - 199.1 lbs)
Joseph Valtellini (77.1 kg - 170 lbs) vs. Raymond Daniels (76.7 kg - 169.1 lbs)
Nieky Holzken (77.2 kg - 170.2 lbs) vs. Karapet Karapetyan (76.3 kg - 168.2 lbs)

Yuta Kubo (64.9 kg - 143.1 lbs) vs. Mosab Amrani (64.9 kg - 143.1 lbs)
Artur Kyshenko (77 kg - 169.8 lbs) vs. Masayuki Kenmun (77 kg - 169.8 lbs)
Aleksandr Stetcurenko (76.8 kg - 169.3 lbs) vs. Karim Ghajji (77.5 kg - 170.9 lbs)
Remy Bonjasky (108 kg - 238.1 lbs) vs. Anderson Silva (113 kg - 249.1 lbs)
Ewerton Teixeira (110.2 kg - 242.9 lbs) vs. Hesdy Gerges (107.6 kg - 237.2 lbs)
Jerome Le Banner (N/A) vs. Sergei Kharitonov (122.2 kg - 269.4 lbs)

*LeBanner doesn't feel like weighing in, so he won't. Not kidding.

For more on this weekend's GLORY 13 event check out our "Tokyo" fight preview by clicking here. To see all available viewing options for both the Welterweight Championship Tournament as well as the Super Fight Series click here.

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