UFC on FOX 10: Ben Henderson won't lean on Josh Thomson for 25 minutes because he's not a slow heavyweight

Chris Hyde

Heavyweights should pull out their pen and paper because Ben Henderson plans to show the MMA community what a fast-paced 25-minute fight should look like when he takes on Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 10 on Jan. 25, 2014.

Antonio Silva and Mark Hunt recently put on one of the best performances of their respective careers as the two heavyweight bruisers stood toe-to-toe for 25 minutes in Australia at UFC Fight Night 33.

Relive it here.

In the end, the fight was scored a draw, which was music to our ears (first time for everything) as no one wanted to see either man go home with a loss. In the process, "Bigfoot" and "Super Samoan" proved that, despite being big men, they could lay it all on the line for five rounds, if need be.

While impressive, former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight Champion Ben Henderson plans on showing the mixed martial arts (MMA) world -- and the heavyweights -- just what it's like to go "hard" for 25 minutes during his 155-pound main event fight against Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 10 on Jan. 25, 2014.

"Smooth" breaks it down to UFC.com::

"I think this is a great match-up, stylistically. You are going to see both of us going hard. I can and have gone 25 minutes and so has he. We've both gone all-out for five rounds at a high pace. I'm not talking about a slow 25 minutes like we sometimes see with heavyweights, where they just lean on one another; I'm talking about a non-stop, fast-paced 25-minute fight where both guys are getting after it. He's been working his wrestling for a long, long time and I've been working my stand up for a long time, as well. We are both pretty good in all areas. We're maybe not great in one specific area that outshines all others, but we are both pretty solid in all areas. Fans are going to see a true mixed martial arts fight here. A lot of times a fight will stay standing for the full 25 minutes and people say what a great fight it was. But that's a kickboxing fight. I'm talking about an MMA fight between Josh and I. You are going to see us on the ground. We are going to be against the cage. We are going to be standing up and everywhere in between."

While Benson didn't pick on the Silva vs. Hunt fight specifically, the two behemoths could be seen gasping for air at times and holding on for dear life toward the later rounds.

But, that's to be expected when you have two 265-pound monsters swinging haymakers at one another. And no one can expect men of that size to keep an intense pace for 25 minutes without taking a break (or three).

Unless, of course, your name is "Cardio" Cain Velasquez.

Nevertheless, Henderson has proven time and again that he can fight at a frantic pace for a full five rounds as four of his last five title fights have gone the distance.

And he plans on taking "The Punk" into deep waters, as well, when they meet in Chicago, Illinois.

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