Flyweight beef! UFC fan favorite Ian McCall would 'bury' and 'KO' Josh Sampo

Jason da Silva-USA TODAY Sports

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) flyweight division is heating up, as fan favorite "Uncle Creepy" was surprised to see another member of the division, Josh Sampo, call him out after one fight in the organization. McCall had some choice words for Sampo earlier this week, and vows to crush him if he got in his way.

"Uncle Creepy" vs. "The Gremlin" ... That's a fight we can sell just on the nicknames.

Josh Sampo found success in his UFC debut, submitting Ryan Benoit via rear-naked choke at The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 Finale in November of this year. Shortly after, Sampo called out Ian McCall and tried to get a fight with one of the most entertaining fighters in the flyweight division.

McCall (via The MMA Hour) was asked about the division's standing, and how after UFC on FOX 9, there is no real concrete contender at 125 pounds that Johnson could face next. John Lineker's name came up, but McCall quickly switched his tune to the direction of Josh Sampo, and talked about "The Gremlin" having no business calling him out:

"Lineker's been knocking everybody out....but, you can't make weight, dude. Like...sorry. It was just like Josh Sampo -- whoever this kid is, called me out and wanted to shave my mustache. It's like, for one, you didn't make weight. Two, you didn't beat anyone relevant and three...what do you want from me? I'm gonna knock you out, shave your eyebrows or take your virginity? I don't understand where you're going with this. Beat it, kid."

McCall has always been a funny one with words, however he is legitimately serious if Sampo owns up to his call out, and would like nothing more to show the young fighter who is boss.

"He's just trying to make a name for himself. You want to be a smart ass, and say some stuff? Well, I'm the best at doing that. If you really want to start having a little Twitter war, I will bury you, my friend."

As much as McCall says he is unaware of who Sampo is, "The Gremlin" got McCall's attention after the fighter in question beat one of McCall's closest friends, Antonio Banuelos, at Legacy FC 14 last year.

"I come from a different era as far as fist fighting. I got into this because it was a fistfight. First off, you beat my of my best friends, Antonio (Banuelos). I'm already pissed off, I'm going to try and hurt you. Two, you've called me out forever now. I've heard his name, and never knew who he was. It's just kind of bugging me now. If he earns it, sure...I'd love to teach him a lesson."

Before that fight has a chance of happening, McCall must take on Brad Pickett at UFC London on March 8th, 2014.

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