Potato's gay little Fantasy MMA Experiment

Alright maniacs, I decided to make my own version of Fantasy MMA, sort of like Kounterleague; but with a different set of rules. Rather than take the traditional approach of picking fighters by events, I want to take fighters over a course of events like any other system and have a draft.

The events included that are available for the draft are fighters fighting in events between UFC 168-UFC 169 which are UFC 168, UFC Singapore, UFC Atlanta, UFC Fox 10, and UFC 169.

How’s it Work: In this league, there will be 8 or 10 teams. Each team will have to choose their fighters in a draft of eligible talent. The team with the highest amount points scored in the 5-game season wins.

The Draft/Lineup: The draft will be in snake-order, and there will be a total of 8 rounds. In the draft, teams must select to the accordance of the lineup listed below.



MW 1

WW 1

LW: 1

FW 1



Utility position can be any fighter from any division.

Fantasy Scoring: Stats based off fightmetric

Significant Strikes: 1 pts

Takedowns: 5

Takedowns Defended: 2.5

TKO: 20

Submission: 20

UD/Majority: 10

SD: 7.5

Draw/DQ: 5

NC: 0

Passed: 2.5

Sub Attempts: 2.5

Reversal: 2.5

Knockdown: 5 pts

Win Bonuses:

1st Round, 1st minute: 50 pts

1st Round, 2nd Minute: 40 pts

Any other 1st Round finish: 25 pts

2nd Round Finish: 15pts

3rd Round and Beyond: 10pts

Scoring Examples:

Team 1:

Jose Aldo: UFC 156:

UD: Win

Sig Strikes: 76

TD: 0

TDD: 9

KD: 0

Passes: 0

Reversals: 0

Total Points: 108.5

Team 2:

Cain Velasquez: UFC 155:

UD: Win(10 pts)

Sig Strikes: 111(111 pts)

Takedowns: 11(55 pts)

TDD: 1(2.5 pts)

KD: 1(5 pts)

Passes: 3(7.5)

Reversals: 0

Total Points: 191

Scoring isn’t always that nuts haha, Cain’s just a beast!

So who’s in, I wanna try and get 7 other people to try this experiment.

If people are interested, I’ll take first come first serve and I’ll make a thread about the draft with a ranked list of eligible fighters and we’ll draft on that mania fanpost. Also going to make a shitty website to keep track of the standings

If you want to tweek the scoring I’m open to opinions.

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