Broner vs Maidana results: Full fight coverage stream LIVE online for Showtime Boxing event TONIGHT!

Ethan Miller

Undefeated WBA Welterweight Champion Adrien Broner returns to Showtime boxing TONIGHT (Sat., Dec. 14, 2013), looking to keep his perfect boxing record intact against power-punching Argentinian, Marcos Maidana, LIVE from The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas. Get full "Broner vs. Maidana" results and live fight coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

The Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, will host a pivotal Welterweight boxing match up tonight as "The Man Who Would Beat Floyd Mayweather Jr.," unbeaten Adrien Broner, defends his WBA title against Argentine beat down artist Marcos Maidana.

MMamania will deliver LIVE "Broner vs. Maidana" coverage of the event, starting with the Showtime broadcast at 8 p.m. ET.

In addition to the main event, The Alamodome will feature undefeated knockout artist Keith Thurman against gritty veteran Jesus Soto Karass, practically guaranteeing at least one finish between the main- and co-main events. Plus, Mexican prospect Leo Santa Cruz will be in action against Cesar Seda at Super Bantamweight, while WBA Light Heavyweight champion Beibut Shumenov faces unbeaten Tamas Kovacs.


Welterweight: Marcos Maidana def. Adrien Broner by unanimous decision (115-110, 116-109, 117-109)

Welterweight: Keith Thurman def. Jesus Soto Karass by TKO at 2:21 of Round Nine

Super Bantamweight: Leo Santa Cruz def. Cesar Seda by unanimous decision (116-111, 115-112, 117-110)

Light Heavyweight: Beibut Shumenov def. Tamas Kovacs by TKO at 2:55 of Round Three


Adrien Broner vs. Marcos Maidana

Round one: Still weird to see Maidana jabbing. NICE overhand right from Maidana stumbles Broner. Broner backed into the ropes and tales some good shots from Maidana. Maidana just walking him down and connecting with heavy leather. Broner holding on. Broner is now clinching whenever Maidana gets close. Maidana landing hard to the head and body as he moves Broner to the ropes. Another right hand lands; nothing truly devastating yet but he's landing constantly. Broner showboating. Marcos to the body against the ropes. Adrien jabs to the body. Broner eats another right hand and does his head-shaking BS. Broner spins and humps Maidana as he tries to attack.

Fuck Adrien Broner. Marcos, end his ass.

10-9 Maidana.

Round two: Marcos lands a left hook early and another huge left drops Broner. His legs are rubber as he gets up. Marcos in pursuit. Broner holding, but Marcos gets thim to the ropes and is landing. Coutner left from Broner but he can't get away. He's just backpedaling to the ropes as Marcos unloads. Broner whining to the ref. Not he lands a couple decent shots. He's still backed up to the ropes and Marcos landing to the body and head. Broner cannot get off the ropes. Broner holding on. Overhand right connects. Big shots to the body and head from Maidana. Overhand right and left hook from Marcos. Big right hand. Round ends; brilliant work so far by Marcos. 20-17 same.

Round three: Marcos is disguising his left hook as a body jab. Clever bastard.

Good left hook by Broner, then a body jab. Marcos can't land a four-piece combo. Short left hook from Maidana. Maidana slips a series of punches. Overhand right glances off Broner's dome. Good right hand. Broner's defense is sharper this round, though he takes a right downstairs as I type this. Nice counter uppercut from Broner. Broner pokes the body. Short right hand from Marcos. Broner holding a lot. Broner lands a left hook at the bell. 29-27 Maidana.

Round four: Maidana lands a left hand, Broner clinches. Hard right downstairs from Marcos. Broner jabs the body. Clinch. Broner's jab lands, Maidana responds with a right downstairs. Another one after Broner lands his own. Marcos catches him with a good left. Marcos jabs the body. Right hand in side. Good sequence of punches inside. Counter hook from Broner. Marcos catches him with a chopping right. Good body shot by Maidana met by a left hook upstairs from Broner. Broner clubs Marcos inside with the right. Good body shot by Maidana, then a left hook upstairs. Bell, 39-36 Maidana.

Round five: Broner lands a good uppercut inside after Marcos tags the body. Another Maidana left hook connects up top. Clinch. Body shots land. Chopping right. Maidana left hook, Broner counters with the same. Broner left hook, Marcos hits the body with his. Right downstairs. Another right to the body as Broner clinches. Marcos chipping away inside. Broner lands a combination, ending with a left hook. Maidana to the body and head with the right. Broner lands a counter left hook. MArcos sneaks a couple hooks around Broner's guard. A couple rights by Adrien get through. Nice hooks by Madana and powerful body and head shots. Marcos is just out-bastarding him. Broner's sneaking some rights through Maidana's guard, but still taking body shots. Broner left hook end the round. 49-45 Maidana.

Round six: Maidana gets a left hook in, Broner backs him off with a lead right. Broner firing combinations when Maidana steps in. Good body shots by Marcos and a left upstairs. Maidana uppercut on the break. Marcos with another left hook, Broner jacks his ja with an uppercut. Broner tags the body, Maidana double jab. Marcos to the body. Marcos jabbing well. Broner tags the body with a left hook. Maidana right to the body, Broner answers and lands a straight. Another right to the body. Good flurry by Marcos. Broner left hook inside as Marcos advances. Good right hands from both. Marcos to the body. Maidana backed to the ropes, circles away and lands a right. He's back to the ropes. Marcos digs in to the body and head. Another damn close round. 59-54 Maidana.

Round seven: Nice right hands from MArcos as he enters with a flurry. Marcos is the aggressor this round. Clinch. MAidana overhand right. Maidana with a right to the body. Broner takes a good right and left hook to the bonce. Broner continuies pushing MAidana, the ref keeps warning him. Short shots by Broner. Left hook backs Broner off, overhand right end a combo on his face. Broner lands a left hook of his own and Marcos clinches. Broner left uppercut, he takes another glancing right hand. Good counter by Broner as Marcos lands upstairs. Marcos having success with that chopping right up top. Broner lands three straight punches but eats a left hook. Clearer round for Maidana, 69-63.

Round eight: Big check hook by Broner, then a right straight through the guard. Another check hook and a bigger one as MAidana backs off. Maidana is on the retreat this round. Good jab from him, though. Right to the body. Left hook lands inside, Broner catches him with his own. Right hands connect for both. BIG left hook by Maidana drops Broner yet again; it was set up by a preceding hook and overhand right. Broner back up and clinching. Maidana headbutts Broner in the clinch and Broner is milking the hell out of it. Ref takes a point from Maidana. ADrien acting in the corner, trying to get a DQ. Get the fuck in there you egotistical turd.

Broner immediately clinches , Marcos continues throwing at close range. Adrien pushing with his elbows, LAurence Cole does nothing because he's an idiot. Broner left hook. Good uppercut and right from Marcos. BRoner with a right to the body, takes a left uppercut. Rare 9-8 round; 78-71 Maidana.

Round nine: Marcos moving forward. Left hook lands. Broner caught on the ropes, circles out but eats a left hook. Big shots from Maidana to the body and head. Clinch from Broner. Another big left hook staggers Broner. Maidana furiously attacking even when Broner ties up one arm. Broner stuck in the corner, manages to survive only to get backed into the opposite corner. Big left to the body from Marcos, then one to the head. More body work by El Chino. Broner just retreating. Now he lands a check hook. Maidana with a glancing right hand. Good left hook by Adrien as the pace slows down. Two good body shots from Maidana. More body work and a pair of left hooks upstairs. Big body shot form Maidana, Broner tags the head with a check hook. Again Marcos lands. Big round for Maidana; 88-80.

Round ten: Maidana the aggressor to start. Broner pushes again, ref lets him. BIG overhand right by Maidana connects. Broner lands a counter left hook. Jab exchange. Marcos jabbing the body. Now Broner moving forward and a left uppercut lands. Marcos with a left and right. One-two from Broner lands. Overhand right from Marcos. Maidana ends a combination with an overhand right. Left hook. Maidana slips a series of heavy shots around Adrien's guard. Body shots by MAidana. Maidana's jab landing. Broner with a left hook. Broner with a left hand to the body. Broner AGAIN pushing. Round ends. 98-89 Maidana.

Round eleven: Early clinch. Broner connects with a left hook. Broner lands a right straight and left hook. Another straight by Broner. Check hook, clinch. Broner lands a left hook inside, continues using his forearm. Good body blow by Broner; he's landing well this round. Broner with a right up top, takes an overhand. Body shot to overhand by Maidana. Maidana spins Broner around and humps HIM. Brilliant. Now he lands an overhand right and another left hook. Marcos pushing Broner back, takes a left hand. Marcos with overhands and body shots. HUGE left hook from Maidana. Overhand right lands. Body shot. Uppercut met by a Broner left hook. Marcos to the body and head, Broner lands a check hook. Marcos lands a right hand and Broner lands a blatantly late left hand, which the ref does nothing about. 108-98 Maidana.

Round twelve: Laurence Cole is a disgrace.

Maidana presses forward, Broner lands a pair to the body. Loose tape on Broner's glove pauses the action. Good work inside by Broner and now Maidana is retreating. Stiff jab by Broner. Maidana to the body after taking a left hook. Broner left hook, Marcos left to the body. Clinch. Simulatenous left hooks. Again. Maidana gets one through. Broner pushes with his forearm AGAIN and the ref just warns him. AGAIN.

Stif fjab by Broner and a right hand. Uppercut. Broner moves MArcos to the ropes, lands a pair of rights and a left hook. Heavy exchange, Maidana staggers Broner. Broner still pressing forward and landing. Marcos' left hook alnds again. More pushing by Broner. Marcos left hook, Broner to the body. Marcos flurries his way away from the ropes. Good body shot by Maidana, Broner responds with a check hook. Broner lands a pair of left hooks, takes a right hand, and lands a right and left at the bell. 117-108 Marcos Maidana. If they steal this win from him, I'm done with boxing.

Final result: Maidana def. Broner by unanimous decision


Keith Thurman vs. Jesus Soto Karass

Round one: Thurman wobbled early by an overhand right. He pursues and hurts Thurman again with an uppercut through the guard. Thurman circles out and survives. They're engaging in center ring at the one-minute mark. Thurman working his jab, unloads four big shots that Soto Karass avoids. Good uppercut by Thurman. JSK jabbing, eats a left hook. Nice sequence of jabs from Thurman. Soto Karass with a pair of body shots, Thurman answers in kind. Thurman lands a sequence of left hooks while Soto Karass tags the body. Big shots by Thurman at the end of the round hurt Soto Karass, but he makes it out of the round. 10-9 Thurman.

Round two: Thurman pumping his jab. Soto Karass lands a left hook. Thurman jams a right into the body. Counter left hook. Nice cross from Soto Karass met by a double jab. Thurman continues jabbing, snaks in one to the bdy. Soto Karas tags the body. Thuman's jab is very accurate. JSK jabs the body. One-two from Soto Karass lands and he's whacked with a pair of rights. Big left hook by Thurman, Soto Karass pursues with body shots and eats another left hook. Another counter left from Thurman. Thurman thumps the head s JSK works the body. Thurman's left hook lands again. Thumping body shot by JSK. Thurman overhand, JSK low blow. Good body work by Soto Karass and a nice left hook by Thurman ends the round. 20-18 Thurman.

Round three: Both men land in center ring. Thurman's jab still active. Nice one-two by Soto Karass, Thurman exits with a right. Thurman continues to land the jab. Nice body shot from JSK. Another pair of lefts downstairs. Thurman thumps JSK's torso with a right. ANother good body shot by JSK and a few more on top of that. Both land to the body with JSK in pursuit. Thurman against the ropes, takes a left hook to the head while hitting the body. They trade body shots. Big right hand from Thurman. Thurman lands a hard right before the bell. Good body work by JSK gives him the round, 29-28 Thurman.

Round four: Thurman working his left as he circles. Soto Karass lands to the body. ANother body shot by Soto Karass. Clinch. Thurman with a right to the guts. Check left hook lands, then a hard right straight. Soto Karass takes an uppercut as he works the body. Thurman backed into the ropes, Soto Karass lands to the body as he retreats. Big right downstairs by Thurman. Thurman lands a right as he's backed to the ropes. Overhand right. Big left from Thurman. Thurman follows a left downstairs with a right overhand. Soto Karass works the body at the end of the round. Very close; 39-37 Thurman.

Round five: Thurman lands a left uppercut early. Stiff jab from Thurman. Thurman moving well this round. JSK to the body, backed off with an overhand right. Thurman digs to the body with his left hook. Three body shots for JSK, Thurman with a one-two. Thurman left hook. JSK not cutting off the ring very wall. Clinch, short shots bt Soto Karass. HUGE left uppercut floors Soto Karass. JSK is up and seems steady. Thurman throwing bombs. JSK walks into a right uppercut. JSK steady at the round's end. 49-45 Thurman.

Round six: Soto Karass connects with a left hook. Thurman not pressing. JSK lands to the body, eats a big three-shot combination to the head. Good left by Thurman. Soto Karass backs Thurman to the ropes, gets one good shot in before getting clinched. Thurman continues to land his jab, slams a left hook to the body. Nice left hook from Soto Karass. JSK sneaks in a left downstairs, takes a right to the guts form Thurman. JSK again with a left to the body before they exchange at close range. Thurman lands a right and left at the bell. 59-54 Thurman.

Round seven: Thurman connects with a left to the body. Left hook upstairs. Yet another. JSK struggling to get past Thurman's jab. Now he lands a couple to the body. Left uppercut lands for Thurman, then a left hook as JSK looks to tag the body. Nice right hand and left to the body from JSK. Both men tag the body. Thurman backed to the ropes, takes a series of wide shots to the body and head. Thurman slams home a couple body shots. Both land left hooks. Big right hand from Thurman, who sparks JSK with a right uppercut at the bell. 69-63 Thurman.

Round eight: JSK jabbing now. Thurman left hook to the body. Soto Karass backs him to the ropes, tags the body and lands a left hook up top. Thurman right, Soto Karass left to the body. Thurman with another left hook as he circles. Yet another left hook backs Soto Karass up. Two body shots by Soto Karass before Thurman circles out. Overhand right by Thurman. Thurman one-two, then a left hook as Soto Karass leans forward. Glancing body shots by Soto Karass. Bigger ones. Nice sequence of body blows from JSK, Thurman with a couple of his own. Thurman lands a hard right as JSK works him on the ropes. Still all Thurman, 79-72.

Round nine: Soto Karass with a short body hook as Thurman advances. Big right uppercut from Thurman and overhand right. JSK cornered and takes a series of hard shots before Thurman disengages. Now Thurman goes to the body. Triple jab up top. Both dig to the body. Solid right hand from Thurman backs JSK into the ropes. Left uppercut tags JSK, Soto Karass responds with a left downstairs. Good clubbing shots int he clinch by Soto Karass. Another as Thurman circles. HUGE left hook and right hand freeze Soto Karass in his tracks and Thurman lands another handful of blistering power shots before Soto Karass goes "timber." Ref catches him on the way down and waves him off. Wow.

Final result: Thurman def. Soto Karass by TKO


Leo Santa Cruz vs. Cesar Seda

Round one: Santa Cruz sporting the San Antonio Spurs colors and logo. Rock on.

Santa Cruz taller, Seda broader. Feeling out at range so far. LSC lands a good step-in right hand about forty-five seconds in. Right to the body lands. Both men go to the body hard. Nice body shots from both. LSC buzzes Seda with a counter 3-2. LSC with a right downstairs. Another one. Seda puts his own left into LSC's gut. Santa Cruz with hooks to the body. Good counter combo from LSC as Seda looks to make distance. Good scrap so far. 10-9 Santa Cruz.

Round two: LSC firing a series of jabs to start things off. Seda lands a solid counter straight. Santa Cruz steps in with a flurry, presses Seda against the ropes. Both land good blows to the body and head. GOod 1-2-3 by LSC. Quick exchange in center ring. Right hand connects upstairs. Counter jab; Seda's content to fight on the counter. Good counter right hook. Solid left from Santa Cruz to end a combination. Seda falling short with his counters. Next series connect, a right hook and left straight upstairs. Good close-quarters action favoring Seda. LSC ends the round with a left. 20-18 LSC.

Round three: Santa Cruz with a stiff jab as Seda pumps his own. LSC is having big success with ending combinations with his left. Seda backed into the ropes, takes a sequence of body shots before punching his way out. LSC narrowly avoids a counter combo. Solid left hook by LSC; again, ending combinations with that left. Seda with a straight to the body. Cruz again with a couple lefts. Seda responds to the body. Yet again the left hand lands. LSC with a couple blows on a cornered Seda, who clinches and forces LSC to the ropes before landing to the body. 30-27 LSC at the bell.

Round four: LSC advancing, Seda looking to walk him into combos.  LSC with a left hook. Seda backed into the ropes again, takes shots downstairs. Cesar with a stiff counter jab. Big left hook by LSC; every time Seda retreats from a combo, he takes a left. Seda one-two connects. Another one hits home. Good right hands from Santa Cruz backs Seda into the corner, Seda reverses but they get split up by the ref. LSC with a couple rights on the exit. Both men land lefts as LSC advances. Yet another left from LSC and they exchange at close range. Still Santa Cruz's fight so far. 40-36 same.

Round five: Good body shot by Seda. LSC jams a right to the gut, takes another left. They trade power shots to the body, then left hooks. Good left by Seda, right up top by Santa Cruz. Seda's now focused on countering with left hooks to the body. Good right low and left high by LSC. Right downstairs. Another. Yet another, followed by a blocked left. Seda combo blocked. Seda to the body, LSC responds in kind. LSC having a lot of success with the straight to the body. LSC lands a flurry, takes a hook upstairs, and Seda slips. Ref calls it a knockdown for some reason. Round ends with brief exchanges to the body. 50-44 Santa Cruz.

Round six: LSC advancing, lands his left. Good right to the body from LSC. Solid left by LSC, then both land lefts to the body. Seda waves him on. LSC having trouble landing his trademark volume. Nice counter left from Seda. Santa Cruz ends a combo with a hard left. Seda one-two connects. Santa Cruz with a hard left and right straight. Clinch. Seda lands his right hook upstairs as Leo tries to work the body. Good right from Seda as he backs Seda to the ropes. Seda reverses, flurries with hooks. Round ends, 60-53 Santa Cruz.

Round seven: Santa Cruz on the advance as always. Nice one-two by LSC. Seda lands a hard sequence of hooks to the body as LSC tries to land his own. Seda with a couple lefts inside. Both men land their lefts. Good sequence of headshots from Seda, who gets backed into a corner. Santa Cruz throwing as Seda waves him on. Seda to the body after circling out of the ropes. Santa Cruz getting outworked this round. Good straights from LSC. Another good left hand as Seda retreats. First round I've given to Seda, 69-63 LSC.

Round eight: Heavy exchanges at close range. Seda is landing some big shots downstairs. Santa Cruz getting his licks in but they don't look like they have the same thump. Santa Cruz backs him to the ropes, they again trade short blows. Phone booth fighthas broken out; Santa Cruz's head shots vs. Seda's body shots. Yet again LSC finds success with a left after a combination. Good one-two by the champ. Another one-two by Santa Cruz kicks off a point-blank combination. One-two by Seda. Nice combination by Santa Cruz as Seda leans in. Round ends, 79-72 LSC.

Round nine: Santa Cruz walking Seda down, landing some decent body shots. Santa Cruz backs Seda to the ropes, lands a few shots. Seda more sedate this round. Double jab from LSC. Seda backed to the ropes, clinches his way out. LSC with a short left as Seda clinches. Seda's now clinching every time his back touches the ropes. BIG one-two by Santa Cruz before he briefly unloads on Seda against the ropes. Seda uppercut lands. Both men land to the body. Seda one-two lands. LSC ends the round throwing. 89-81 LSC.

Round ten: Good left hand by Santa Cruz after, you guessed it, Seda backs away from a combo. Seda lands a good left to the body. Hard counter right from LSC. Short left hook, then both men land their lefts. Seda flurry lands well, LSC sneaks a hook in. Hard left to the body by Seda. LSC advances, Seda clinches. Good counter hooks by Seda as Santa Cruz tries to pin him to the ropes. Now he's cornered and LSC unloads. Seda lands his own but LSC gets the better of it before Seda clinches. Seda moving well in the later portions of the round. Seda lands a left at the bell; I'm going to give him this one. 98-91 Santa Cruz.

Round eleven: One-two from Seda connects. Santa Cruz steps in with a hard right hand. Seda flurries, Santa Cruz counters. Heavy exchanges at close range. Seda contines to clinch when near the ropes. Cruz working his right as a deterrent. Santa Cruz opens up to the body in center ring. Nice counter left from Seda, who clinches again. Good right hand from Santa Cruz, Seda goes to the body. Santa Cruz opens up against the ropes, gets reversed and tattooed to the body. Santa Cruz with right hands to the body and head to end the round.  107-101 Santa Cruz.

Round twelve: They're still trading at close range with reckless abandon. Heavy shots connect to the body and head. Seda lands a right as he circles off. Good coutner hook by Seda. Nice left to the body. Right hook from Seda, three-piece combo by Santa Cruz, left from Seda. Solid right from Santa Cruz as Seda tries to press the action. Good short-range bludgeoning without a clear victor. Seda with a lead left. LSC works the body, takes a right hook. More body work by Seda but he's taking some good shots to the head. Seda with a pair of lefts to end things. 116-111 LSC.

Final result: Santa Cruz def. Seda by unanimous decision


Beibut Shumenov vs. Tamas Kovacs

Round one:Both men jabbing early. Kovacs is the more physically active of the two. Kovacs lands the first big punch, an overhand about thirty seconds in. Kovacs with a four-shot combination. Shumenov's only solid punches so far have been to the body. Good combination by Shumenov to the body and head. He's moving forward at the moment. Kovacs falls short with a combo. Shumenov lands a good right to the body. Double jab by Kovacs lands. Shumenov responds with a right downstairs, then follows a left downstairs with a massive left hook upstairs that drops Kovacs hard. Tamas is up and Shumenov doesn't have time to capitalize. 10-8 Shumenov.

Round two: Nothing clean landing so far. Good right downstairs from Shumenov thirty seconds in. Kovacs lands a glancing overhand and steps into the clinch. Shumenov winning the jab battle at the moment. Another right downstairs, cuffing counter hook. Kovacs cornered, clinches his way out. Kovacs falls short with an overhand and takes two counters. Kovacs stumbles well after a punch and falls to a knee; the ref calls it a knockdown. Kovacs back up and still steady. Good right upstairs from Shumenov before a clinch. One-two from Shumenov connects. Kovacs firing at the bell to no effect. 20-16 Shumenov.

Round three: Kovacs lands an overhand early, but it doesn't look like there's much behind it. Shumenov content to wait for counter opportunities. Solid right from Kovacs when he gets Shumenov pursuing, then takes a right himself and a left in the corner. Kovacs lands a counter left hook as Shumenov advances, again takes two shots after his connection. Shumenov one-two lands. Solid counter left from Kovacs, who is now playing counter-puncher. Solid left from Beibut, Kovacs lands one himself. Hard right from Shumenov. Counter hook. BIG right straight from Shumenov starches Kovacs in the corner, ref waves it off quickly as he tries to rise. Nice work from Beibut.

Final result: Shumenov def. Kovacs by TKO


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