Who Should Fight Who? UFC Fight Night 33 Winners & Losers


Here is another Who Should Fight Who.




Hunt should fight Nogueira - Reason: Mark Hunt is a fucking warrior. That fight was amazing. It was the best Heavyweight fight that I've ever seen and it was one of the best fights of all time. It was back and forth and it could have gone either way. I'm glad that it was ruled a Draw. It was a phenomenal fight and I'm sure they'll face off again one day. I wanted to see an immediate rematch but Dana said thats probably not going to happen. Hunt broke his hand in the fight and will be out for a while. When hes healthy and ready to get back in there I'd like to see him face Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. I love this fight and I've wanted to see it for a long time. I think it should finally happen. Hunt could also fight The Winner of Overeem vs Mir or Roy Nelson.




Silva should fight Struve - Reason: That was an amazing fight. I was already a huge fan of Hunt's before that fight but I wasn't a fan of Bigfoot's, now I am. Bigfoot took a ton of punishment and just kept on fighting. I respect the hell out of that guy. I'm now a fan and I can't wait to see him fight again. I'd like to see him face Stefan Struve next. This fight makes sense to me and I think it would be a fantastic fight. Silva could also fight Roy Nelson or The Winner of Gonzaga vs Miocic.


Rua should fight Henderson - Reason: Shogun is back. I was not expecting that. I thought it would be a long tough fight but Shogun just cracked Te Huna with one shot and he was done. It was awesome. Very impressive stuff. I think its time for the Hendo rematch. Everyone's wanted to see it and I believe now is the time. It'd be an war and I really hope they make it happen. Rua could also fight Ryan Bader or Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.


Te Huna should fight Maldonado - Reason: Te Huna had a rough night. He was knocked out cold in under a minute. Thats not good. He'll be back though. His last two losses were to Top 10 guys so I believe its time to fight someone outside the Top 10. I'd like to see him face Fabio Maldonado next. I love this fight. It makes sense and I think it'd be a fucking Bangfest. I think it would be the FOTN and a FOTY Candidate. Te Huna could also fight Anthony Perosh or Gian Villante.


Bader should fight Davis - Reason: Ryan Bader is going to be the greatest gatekeeper of all time. He destroys everyone outside the Top 10 and only loses to top guys. He looked awesome in that fight. He dominated Perosh, really fucking dominated him. He beat the shit out of him for 15 minutes. It was brutal. He broke his hand in that fight so he'll be out for a while but when hes healthy and ready to get back in there I'd like to see him face Phil Davis. I've wanted to see this fight for years and I think it should finally happen. It makes sense and it would be a great fight. Bader could also fight Mauricio "Shogun" Rua or Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante.


Perosh should fight Barroso - Reason: Perosh didn't look good in that fight. He got fucked up but he was fighting one of the best in the world so I don't think this loss hurts him too bad. I expect him to get another fight soon. I'd like to see him face Francimar Barroso next. I like this fight, I think it makes sense. Perosh could also fight James Te Huna or Gian Villante.


Palelei should fight Schaub - Reason: Palelei looked great. He got Barry down and put him out fast. It was very impressive. I'd like to see him face Brendan Schaub next. I like this fight a lot and Schaub has shown some interest in this fight so I hope it happens. Palelei could also fight Todd Duffee or Daniel Omielanczuk.


Barry should fight Vera - Reason: What the fuck happened to Pat Barry's chin? He just can't take hard punches anymore. Its a serious problem and if he can't figure out a way to stop getting knocked the fuck out hes going to be out of a job. I believe his job is safe for now because he is a fan favorite and he has an exciting style but if he keeps losing he'll be gone. I'd really like to see him drop down to 205lbs finally. If he can make the cut I think hes better off down there. He'll be facing quicker and more athletic guys but they won't hit as hard and the Heavyweights. I hope he drops down, I don't think he'll do it before he fights again though so I'd like to see him face Brandon Vera next. This fight makes a ton of sense to me. Both guys are in desperate need of a win and I think this could be a hell of a fight. Barry could also fight Nandor Guelmino or Matt Mitrione.


Hester should fight Magalhaes - Reason: Hester looked good. Hes very athletic and hes very powerful. I have high hopes for him. I'd like to see him face Caio Magalhaes next. I like this fight. It makes sense and I think it'd be a great scrap. Hester could also fight Cezar Ferreira or Luke Barnatt.


Andrews should fight Ring - Reason: Andrews was doing alright before he hurt his shoulder. I think he was losing the fight but he wasn't getting his ass kicked. I wish his shoulder hadn't popped out of place, I think that third round was going to be great. I'd like to see Andrews fight Nick Ring next. I like this fight a lot, I think it'd be a stand up war. Andrews could also fight Andrew Craig or Chris Camozzi.


Correia should fight Pennington - Reason: Correia looked good. It was a solid performance against one of the most experienced vets in the game. I was impressed. I'd like to see her face Raquel Pennington next. I like this fight a lot. It makes sense and I think it'd be a very fun fight. Correia could also fight Jessica Andrade or Jessamyn Duke.


Julie Kedzie has retired. Sadly Kedzie has retired, she had a long and successful career. Too bad she didn't have much success in the UFC. Perhaps she'll make a comeback at some point. I hope she does.


Mizugaki should fight Assuncao - Reason: Mizugaki looked great. It was a very exciting fight but I thought he dominated. I was impressed, Phan isn't the toughest competition but he was lighting him up all night. His striking has really improved. I'd like to see Mizugaki get a step up in competition now. The guy I'd like to see him fight next is much better than Nam Phan. I'd like to see Mizugaki fight Raphael Assuncao next. I like this fight a lot, its a big jump in competition for Mizugaki but I think hes ready for it. It would be a great fight. Mizugaki could also fight Francisco Rivera or Iuri Alcantara.


Phan should fight Roop - Reason: I thought Phan looked good even though he was beat handily. It was a good fight for him, thats the type of fights that he shines in. Hes always been a decent striker and I'm excited to see his next fight at 135 lbs. I like him at this new weight. I'd like to see him fight George Roop next. I think this will be an easier fight for him and I think it'd be a great scrap. Phan could also fight Ivan Menjivar or David Grant.


Magalhaes should fight Hester - Reason: Magalhaes looked good. It was a close fight but I thought the judges got it right. Magalhaes landed some nice strikes and controlled Ring for most of the fight. I'd like to see Magalhaes fight Clint Hester next. This fight makes a lot of sense to me and I think it'd be good. Magalhaes could also fight Krzysztof Jotko or Luke Barnatt.


Ring should fight Andrews - Reason: Ring looked alright. He gassed and couldn't do much in that third round. He needs to work on his cardio and he needs to learn to keep his hands up. He always drops them and eventually its going to get him knocked out. I'd like to see him face Dylan Andrews next. I believe both Ring and Andrews will be out healing for some time. So when they're healthy and ready to go they should fight each other. It'd be a good fight. Ring could also fight Andrew Craig or Ed Herman.


Scoggins should fight Sampo - Reason: Scoggins looked awesome. I can't wait to see his next fight. That was an ultra impressive performance. Hes only 21 years old, the sky's the limit for this kid. I'd like to see him face Josh Sampo next. I like this fight a lot, they might build Scoggins up slowly but if they don't I'd love to see him fight Josh Sampo. Scoggins could also fight Ali Bagautinov or Tim Elliott.


Vaculik should fight Benoit - Reason: Vaculik didn't look good. He was dominated but the Flyweight division is still thin and I think he'll get another shot in the UFC. I'd like to see him face Ryan Benoit next. This fight makes sense. Vaculik could also fight Azamat Gashimov or Phil Harris.


Jotko should fight Scott - Reason: Jotko looked good. It wasn't the most exciting fight but he got the win. I'd like to see him face Brad Scott next. This fight makes a lot of sense to me. Jotko could also fight Caio Magalhaes or Antonio Braga Neto.


Santos should fight Perpetuo - Reason: Santos looked alright. I think he'll look a lot better in his next fight. I'd like to see him face Thiago Perpetuo next. I like this fight a lot and I think it'd be a good one. Santos could also fight Chris Camozzi or C.B. Dollaway.


Garcia should fight Spencer - Reason: Garcia looked fucking awesome. He got it done quick, knocked Wall out in under a minute. Very impressive stuff. Garcia's a scary dude, I expect him to make some noise in the Welterweight division. He already has his next fight lined up, he'll be fighting Sean Spencer next. I love this fight, this is the fight I wanted for him. I think its going to be a great fight.


Wall should fight Lapsley - Reason: Wall got smashed. He'll get another fight though. I'd like to see him face Anthony Lapsley next. This fight makes sense to me and I hope it happens. Wall could also fight Joao Zeferino or Brian Ebersole.

Alright, leave your comments and Rec if you really liked it. Let me know which fights you like and which fights you want to see happen.

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