UFC on FOX 9: Joe Lauzon doesn't set out to get 'Fight of the Night' bonuses, would prefer to get quick wins


Contrary to popular belief, Joe Lauzon says he doesn't get caught up in trying to win the "Fight of the Night" award every time he steps inside the Octagon, as he prefers to get a quick win. Though more often than not, his fights turn into three-round wars.

The name Joe Lauzon has become synonymous with "Fight Night" bonuses.

Since making his Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) debut back in 2006, Joe has earned 12 "Fight Night" bonuses, which breaks down to five "Fight of the Night," six "Submission of the Night" and one "Knockout of the Night" post-fight awards.

In fact, his lone "Knockout of the Night" -- which he earned against Jens Pulver -- came in his Octagon debut. That was just a sign of things to come as Joe has made some pretty hefty coin throughout his seven-year UFC career in bonus money alone.

But as "J-Lau" declared during yesterday's (Dec. 12, 2013) UFC on FOX 9 pre-fight press conference, he doesn't set out to get "Fight of the Night" bonuses, he'd rather get a fast win because if he does manage to earn another post-fight award, it usually means he was involved in a three-round war that he lost.

He explains:

"Contrary to popular belief, I don't try to get ‘Fight of the Night,' ever. It has happened a couple of times, but every time I get ‘Fight of the Night,' almost every time it's been on a losing effort. I go out there and try to finish people quick. I try to be aggressive, I try to have exciting fights but most importantly, I'm trying to win. Trust me, I'm not looking to go out there on Saturday and have a three-round war where I have my head caved in and my eyes swollen and everything else. I want to go out there for a first-round submission. First 30 seconds, first minute; nothing would make me happier. I'm not getting caught up in the bonus money, I want to go out there and get the win."

To Joe's point, of his five "Fight of the Night" awards, he has come up on the losing end four times with his only victory coming over Jamie Varner at UFC on FOX 4 back in 2012.

Whether he likes it or not, Joe might be in for another three-round war when he steps into the Octagon this Saturday night (Dec. 14, 2013) to face Mac Danzig, a man who is no stranger to post-fight bonuses, winning three "Fight of the Night" awards himself.

Furthermore, UFC President Dana White predicted their fight would win the award, something that would help Danzig out, seeing as how he will be heading into the Octagon this weekend with no sponsors to show off -- on national television, no less.

But if Lauzon has his way, he'll be walking away with another post-fight bonus award -- or just the win -- that doesn't involve him getting his head caved in for 15 minutes.

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