Aussie police chief likens UFC fights to crime scene photos, slams 'caged animals' who fight with 'no rules'

Chris Hyde

Right now I've got two men. Two men with a gut full of fear! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, dyin' time's here.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) doesn't seem to have any trouble selling out arenas when it brings its specialized brand of mixed martial arts (MMA) to Australia, as evidenced by its success at places like the Acer Arena and most recently, Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

But not everyone is ready to welcome UFC with open arms.

That includes New South Wales Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione, who not only looped UFC in with the much-maligned "Knockout Game" (more on that here), but also incorrectly labeled MMA as a combat sport with "no rules," which pretty much invalidates the rest of his complaint.

The Australian has more:

NSW Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione has expressed concerns about the influence the UFC phenomenon is having on young men and a lethal new craze sweeping the US called "Knockout'', where innocent bystanders are king hit purely for amusement.

Mr Scipione said he understood UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship - was a hugely popular sport but said images of the sport reminded him of ``crime scene photos of victims of assaults on footpaths waiting to be treated by paramedics''.

"There are no rules, the fighters are like caged animals and the majority of people exposed to UFC would be young men,'' he said.

Sounds informed.

UFC didn't help its own cause "down under" with UFC Fight Night 33, which took place back on Dec. 7, 2013 (Dec. 6 in the U.S.) and was broadcast live on FOX Sports 1. In the five-round main event, local hero Mark Hunt spent 25 bloody minutes exchanging blows with Antonio Silva.

See photos of the carnage here.

As the promotion continues to expand overseas, you can expect more resistance -- as well as additional comments --from detractors like Scipione. While MMA is not for everyone, we should at least hope that future opponents do a little homework before handing in their papers.

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