Mark Hunt 'not mad' about 'Bigfoot' Silva draw, describes heavyweight war as 'normal' fight

Bradley Kanaris

Fight fans are still buzzing about what they witnessed last weekend (Fri., Dec. 6, 2013) in Brisbane, Australia, because Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva put on a fight for the ages during five rounds of heavyweight action. However, "Super Samoan" calls his battle against "Bigfoot" just a "normal" fight.

Last weekend (Fri., Dec. 6, 2013), fight fans were treated to one of the best Heavyweight mixed martial arts (MMA) contests in recent memory when Mark Hunt and Antonio Silva went toe-to-toe for 25 minutes in Brisbane, Australia, in the main event of UFC Fight Night 33 (watch it again here).

When the dust settled "Down Under," the judges scored the fight an even draw, which drew the ire on no one, not even Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) President Dana White (read his reaction here).

And why would it?

After the two behemoths defied the law of heavyweights, going the full five entertaining rounds instead of ending the bout early as many expected with one fell swoop, it would have been a shame to see either man go home with a loss on their record.

But, while many were quick to label the epic war one of the best of all time, "Super Samoan" says the fight was just a "normal" fight. Furthermore, Hunt says he didn't mind that the fight was scored a draw because both of them got their fair share of licks in.

His words on a recent appearance on "The MMA Hour:"

"I just thought it was a normal fight. It was pretty good. I don't know (if it was the best heavyweight fight of all time). It's hard to see from an outside perspective when you're the one in there. I just know I could have done a lot more things. But I get pretty judgmental when I watch myself fight. I think we both put our hearts out there, I didn't mind a draw anyways. We both had our moments in the fight. It didn't really matter to me. 'Bigfoot' popped me and I popped him so it was pretty good. I wasn't mad about the draw. I could deal with it. I didn't realize I had broken my hand, I couldn't clinch my fist. I thought it was good call."

Hunt, for one, isn't opposed to an instant rematch against his former training partner, but will first have to wait until his broken hand heals up, which could be up to six months according to the former K-1 striker.

As for the draw, it won't "Bigfoot" any favors in the rankings (just Hunt), but it definitely raised their respective stocks with the promotion and likely earned itself a few more fans, too.

Not to mention an extra $50,000 and their own islands.

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