Mania Free Pool (TUF 18 Finale Maynard vs Diaz) & Season Recap



What's up fuckers. Here for the TUF results and season recap thanks to a little help from Tahoe OG and Parkway Drive. Good shit. But anyway about last night... Shit went down. Fucking Diaz smashing Maynard and the TUF Finale in both mens and womans divisions were awesome. Pretty good night of fights but I am not here to recap the fights so on to the results.


155 lbs.: Gray Maynard vs. Nate Diaz -- Diaz wins via TKO (punches) - 2:38 rd 1
135 lbs.: Julianna Pena vs. Jessica Rakoczy (TUF 18 Women's Final) -- Pena wins via TKO (Ground and Pound) - 4:59 rd 1
135 lbs.: David Grant vs. Chris Holdsworth (TUF 18 Men's Final) -- Holdsworth wins via submission (RNC) - 2:10 rd 2
135 lbs.: Jessamyn Duke vs. Peggy Morgan -- Duke wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x3
135 lbs.: Roxanne Modafferi vs. Raquel Pennington -- Pennington wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x2, 29-28
145 lbs.: Maximo Blanco vs. Akira Corassani -- Corassani wins via disqualification (illegal knee) - 0:25 rd 1
145 lbs.: Tom Niinimaki vs. Rani Yahya -- Niinimaki wins via decision (split) - 30-27, 29-28, 28-29
265 lbs.: Walter Harris vs. Jared Rosholt -- Rosholt wins via decision (unanimous) - 29-28 x3
170 lbs.: Drew Dober vs. Sean Spencer -- Spencer wins via decision (unanimous) - 30-27 x3
125 lbs.: Ryan Benoit vs. Josh Sampo -- Sampo wins via submission (RNC) - 4:31 rd 2

Top 3 (TUF 18)

3rd Place




Karpentero is on a fucking roll this season ending up in the top 3 four time this season. This event scoring 59 points getting 7 out of 9 correct with four percect picks (Spencer, Rosholt, Pennington, Duke). Great job this season and thanks for being in the pool.

2nd Place




WebbMMA also on a roll making the top 3 four times this season. Scoring 61 points and getting 8 out of 9 correct with two perfect picks (Pennington and Pena) and scoring 10 hotbout points. Awesome fucking job man and thanks for playing.

1st Place




PotOfGold takes first in our final event and making the top three for the third time and all three last events in a row this season. Scoring 63 points getting 8 out of 9 correct with 3 perfect picks (Spencer, Rosholt, and Pennington) and scoring 10 hot bout points. Great fucking picks this season. Thanks for playing in the freepool.

The Bottom




vhw takes the final shit picker spot with a score of 11 points only picking 3 fights. Make your picks guys! You got one perfect so im sure if you picked all your fights you wouldn't be here. But ain't no shame bro hope to see you next season. Thanks for playing.

Event Results

Camp Rank Points Player

1 63 PotOfGold
2 61 WebbMMA
3 59 karpentero
4 53 scott1
5 50 sudnvictory
6 49 fulch
6 49 megamike1989
8 48 wolfman13
9 47 BrizzleT
10 44 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura
11 42 MohamedTheHitma
12 39 bezeau24
13 38 IrishKev
14 37 UKBlitzkrieg
15 35 jayw27
15 35 anewbie
17 33 McRad
18 31 Bons_210309
18 31 Duffman
20 28 TheNextDamnChamp
21 26 diazsweedma
21 26 Cambs1
23 21 chrism
24 11 vhw

Top 3 Mother Fucking Maniacs This Season

Number 3


Number 2


Number 1


Show these guys some fucking respect.

Season Results

Rank Points Player

1 661 karpentero

2 638 PotOfGold
3 609 WebbMMA
4 583 MohamedTheHitman
5 559 Duffman
6 557 anewbie
7 550 scott1
8 533 megamike1989
9 524 BrizzleT
10 517 bezeau24
11 513 Bons_210309
12 509 IrishKev
13 508 fulch
14 505 U_Had_Me_At_Kimura
15 477 wolfman13
16 471 chrism
17 458 diazsweedman
18 457 McRad
19 451 TheNextDamnChamp
20 430 the_rocketeer
21 363 vhw
22 277 jayw27
23 90 UKBlitzkrieg
24 50 sudnvictory
25 26 Cambs1

Ok so I want to thank every single one of you guys for playing a making me feel kind of useful around this place. Especially Tap and VHW for letting me take over. It has been a good run of events that had great fights and thanks to the free pool in general for making fights that I usually wouldn't give a fuck about interesting. Hope everyone keeps playing and thank you to sudnvictory, biggerLebowski, jayw27, and quad_damage for joining us next season.

Anyone still wanting to join let me know on this thread and I'll send you an invite. Here is what you have to do...

Register Here

  • Put your registered PG name in the comment section of this thread and ask to be invited.
  • Expect to be invited by me, megamike1989
  • Your invite will be on Playground, NOT here.
  • If your not goin to make picks all season,kindly fuck off.
  • If your goin to win one event, and then score shit and give up, please don't bother.
  • Seasons are 10 UFC events in a row.

    Join the fun you pussys!

    Anyway new season starts next weekend with Hunt vs Bigfoot to get your picks in and if you wanna join then let me know asap. As always I am off to go smoke a bowl and wait for the games to start here in a couple hours.



    But before I go...









    Enjoy and Thank You for reading you fucks.

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