Best of the Week 70!!! I think?!!?

Fuckin loves me some Carly Baker!!


Fuckin welcome Maggots and Maggettes.

You fuckin know what? Your all fuckin cunts. Thats right, fuckin cunts. And if your unlucky, your just a cunt.

Your not so favorite fucked up foul mouthed drunken paddy (birthday boy) decided to fuckin drop a post for ye. I should be sleepin now, but I know ye fuckers would be lookin for a best of post, so I'm gonna oblige, and then make ye cunts wish I didn't fuckin bother.

It's nearly 2am ffs, why am I botherin? Cos yer all cunts, and I love, cunts.

Thank fuck for that red line spellchecker thing.



Right, lets fuckin crack on.

The fuckin, Fanpost of the week!

The fanpost of the week? Well, I have to say, this was pretty easy. Cos I don't actually give a shit, I'll pick the one with the most comments. It was from KashAcous. The inches fanpost. Lots of stuff/comments about deadly serious subjects. Really heart rendering stuff ya know. It's about life and death and all that shit. Then, another post popped up about similar stuff. Dont know who posted it, my obvious lack of fuckin research is fuckin obvious.

But then I thought, KashAcous won the fanpost of the week, last week. It would be nice to award a 'maniac depressant' (huh huh) back to back best of fanposts, but then, that would probably cheer him up., so..

Fuck that, I'm not here to cheer people up/.

And then,

he posted the FFT!!

The actual

Fanpost of the week:

The fucker posted a solid (huh huh) FFT. It's clear he's learned from a certain maniac about a good FFT. There's some serious fuckijn tna's, some facts, gifs, videos, music. Damn, it was posted before Friday, so it fuckin counts.

So there you have it, one of our, seems like many 'maniac depressants' just got back to fuckin back fanposts of the fuckin week. Hope that's cheered ya up kid.

Honorary fanpost of the week.

Listen, I fuckin hate walls of fuckin text. I'm not alone. I'm gonna throw an ass pic in this just to make sure there not a fuckin wall of text. However, sometimes, a wall of text is worth reading.

Especially if it's a maniac fight night get together.


I did promise!!


The fuckin Shittttiest Fanpost of the week!

Seriously. How good does this Fanpost sound?

Drunkest Purchase Ever.

Oh, this gonna be fuckin GOOOD!!

Please say you, or someone, just bought a fuckin wild penguin, an astronaut suit, an old video recorder and a rampant rabbit and booked a Motel room with some midget whores.


It was a fuckin fanpost about, I can't remember, a wedding, Tripihch and his buddy being fuckin doucebags (nearly in a fight with locals?) and then the seller. He went off and bought, a bottle of coke, and some crisps and other fuckin munchies. Big fuckin deal. he was buyin munchies, after a big session.

How it got so many fuckin comments, I'll never know.

Sorry Tripilch, your my bro inall, but that was fuckin shit!

De Mutha Fuckin Tweet of the Week


Hang on there while I fuckin quickly select some troll job.....

Right, I'm just gonna check the first fuckin thing on Oilchecks profile.

Oh, this will fuckin do.


The fuckin, Comment of the week!

What a fuckin cunt of a category this is. How fuckin ever, this stood out.

Joben defending the free UFC card we all just enjoyed mid-week. There's a fuckin reason it was free. There's a reason it was created. The US military fund raising whatnot..

You guys are all a bunch of cunts.

These are stories that are trying to raise money for wounded soldiers. Fuck you all for whining about it.

Stop supporting the UFC if you hate the troops so much.

You are supporting a company that is doing something for their benefit.


Honorary comment of the fuckin week.

Not really that funny, however, it was a bit witty and made me laugh, so thats what counts.


in reference to Natal's entrance for Fight for the Troops fight:

Natal should have come out wearing a turban

Scottidog's Good Guy of the Week

Anyone who offered any sort of advise, encouragement and love in both those 'maniac depressant' threads. pablo got the ball rollin in this, however, Mania is once again proving that it's filled with many a great person, always willing to help. And drop fuckin words that I need to google all the fuckin time.

Honorary Good guy comment of the Week.

Jesse said I was 'A god amongst men' when I originally posted this Best of last week.

That has to be commended.

The fuckin, Burn of the week!


Fuck this shit. I'm not gonna look to find a burn of the week, so..

Cory fuckin Braiterman...Are you fuckin shittin me?

Did you really go into this weeks FFT and complain? Did you ask how it was, 'mma related'?

What about Sarah's quite popular tv show zombie recap?

What about the very serious multiple 'maniac depressant' posts?

I swear Jesse posted a 'non mma' related drunk man saving his beer post recently!

So, Cory, for complaining about some tits and ass, you are a fuckin:

(insert the 3 letter word I keeps gettin banned for usin)

got that?


Will Hendo get finished????

Everyone can now fuck off!!!!!1

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