Best of the F'*n Best Week 72.


How the fuck are you cunts doin today? Hope your doin shit you fuckers.

Mania is full of fuckin great articles copied and pasted from better mma sites. But those sites are full of pricks. We all know Mania is full of cunts. If your reading this, your a fuckin cunt. If not, your a cunt for not reading. Mania has got great, em, journalists too, but their not cunts. Well. one of them is, but that's how he rolls, and good luck to him, the cunt.

But fuck them. Its all about us fans. Us cunts.

Movin fuckin on. Time to award some people shit they don't deserve.

The fuckin, Fanpost of the week!

Well, the clue is in the fuckin title tbh. 'Fan' post. And this fuckin fanpost was definitelywritten for us, the fans. We are fans of mma and ultimately, MMAMania.fuckin dotcom. So when Fat Daddy Doobs decided he wanted us to be represented by an elite fuckin fighter, he made alot of you cunts moist at the idea. Some of you, not so much, but the point was to get a recogizable fighter become a fan of MMAMania. We were hopin to 'sponsor' him, make him become one of us, a goddamn fuckin Maniac!!

And then obviously, make him regret it.

Matt Brown was/is the fighter chosen to be. 'the one'. I'm sure some Maniacs would even pay for the cunt to comment here. I bet some of you fuckers would have a whip around and collect money to pay the fucker to wear the Mania logo to the cage.

The whole idea in fairness, is highly commendable, and Matt Brown was an inspired choice so it wins the fuckin Fanpost of the fuckin week.

581242_561985615786_1100271905_nFat Daddy Doobs:

Honorable Fanpost of the week.

It's always nice to hear stories about fana meeting fighters, and hearing about how much of a cunt they were. Well, this isn't one of them, but, it's still kinda fuckin cool I guess.

G Squat

The fuckin Shittttiest Fanpost of the week!

Some cunt posted this piece of shit 'fanpost' and was serious about it. He's signed up to Mania 3 years ago and had 4 fuckin comments and one fuckin post. The premise of the post was sound, but the execution was an abomination. I really should give the cunt the time of day for this, but it's really the shitiest fanpost of the week.


Btw, capital 'I' for Irish, you mongo cunt

The fuckin, Burn of the week



Basically, to show how shit that fuckin fanpost really was, Jay pretty much sums it up in one simple burn.

This fan post is the abortion your mother should have had.

De Mutha Fuckin Tweet of the Week


So, we've got another fallen Maniac, but he's obviously still active on Twitter.

Plainview takes the honors here with these bastard tweets:

18 Nov

So apparently is going to finish someone pretty soon.

Suck a cruel bunch of fuckers .

The first time you finish in 5 years, you're a dad. .

The fuckin, Comment of the week!

Yup, I'm takin the fuckin bullshit route cos I think this category is a load of fuckin bollocks tbh. This comment got greened, rec'd 11 fuckin time's and shows a fair bit of passion, so fuck it, comment of the week goes to Mr Boner boy.

Hugh G. Rections

I will never have any respect for this trashy no class cunt

The way she acts toward Miesha makes me sick. She makes the UFC and the sport of MMA look bad. She’s the equivalent of the typical male dumb jock high school bully. FUCK RONDA! I wouldn’t piss on her if she was on fire.

Scottidog's Good Guy(s) of the Week

Oi cunt, you sittin comfortable? You enjoy readin this shit on your fancy laptop/ipod fuckin iphone. You enjoyin that nice warm room your in, or in Sarahs case, the dingy basement with dodgy wi-fi. You enjoyin that fuckin beer. You cunts. You willing to donate to the Matt Brown sponsership deal. You fuckin prick. Get some priorities in your life. You still pissed about the fuckin GSP result. Listen, GSP is still the fuckin champ, shut the fuck up about it. Nobody died ffs. Actually, they did.

Images_small_medium Its-more-fun-in-the-philippines_small_medium

All the bullshit passion towards some stuff here is laughable when the likes of the Phillippines, which is close to the hearts of some of us, is left with nothin. So Rilly and Phasebook win good guys of the week for highlighting such a tragic story.

Lads, any fuckin donation won't kill ffs, but could save lifes.


Since the subject of abortion was raised twice in this article, how long, if your pro, before a lil one should be hoovered up, and why?

Gratuitous gif


Now I hope all of ye cunts can leave a comment about how much bullshit this post really was and then get back to yer shitty fuckin lives, cos I dont give a flying fuck.

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