Sarah Kaufman wants Jessica Eye to do the 'honorable' thing and admit she lost at UFC 166

Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Spor

At least she has "Bigg Rigg" to keep her company.

All the recent jibber-jabber about the scoring in the UFC 167 main event -- which saw Georges St-Pierre squeak by Johny Hendricks with a controversial split decision win -- has taken some of the attention away from another close fight that took place just last month.

Sarah Kaufman vs. Jessica Eye.

"Evil" was able to deny the former Strikeforce bantamweight champion her first UFC win; however, Kaufman is convinced that anyone -- including elementary school children -- could watch that fight and know who got the job done at UFC 166 in Houston, Texas.

From her official blog:

The crowd was non-too-happy and they voiced it by booing...a lot. I went into the back and was doing some interviews when I heard that the reason I lost was 1 judge scored the 3rd rd for Jessica. The round where she was nearly KO'd and was hit with over double the shots that she was able to land. The round that she herself admitted in an interview she got her ass kicked in. The round that a class of 4th graders, without any MMA knowledge, would unanimously give to me. That is the round that cost me my earned Win in the UFC. Now, of course if you finish a fight there is no question you are the winner, but as higher level athletes are matched together, finishes are not always possible. I know finishing Jessica Eye is there for my taking. I had her rocked a few times in rd 3 and know that if I'd started the way I finished she would have been out for the count. That's my fault. I won't make that mistake in our next meeting. Any honorable fighter would admit they didn't deserve that decision and would insist on an immediate rematch. The question is: is Jessica Eye that honorable?

See how Fight Metric scored the bout here.

Eye has enjoyed newfound notoriety as a UFC fighter, but don't expect to get her in the sack (her words) because of it. "Evil" moves on to bigger and better things within the women's 135-pound division while Kaufman has to start from scratch in a 0-1 hole.

Unless Eye chooses to do the "honorable" thing and demand an immediate rematch.

But does Kaufman deserve one?

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