Another week another win for the colts. Sure I was nervous when they got down 14 to nothing against the titans but they showed calm and grit to come back and win the game. TFK not so much.

Matchup Recaps:

Diazsweedman vs TFK: I was able to steam roll TFK this week 144.07 to 136.77. Even though he never really had a chance TFK was was by J.Gordon??? with a measley 23.5 points but with pitiful performances from everyone else he couldn't overcome my squad who was led by H.Douglas for 25.4 points.

Rbf8489 vs BDUBBS:Down 6.40 on Monday night, BDUBBS came back, stealing one from Rbf8489 141.47 - 138.87. BDUBBS got 31.00 points from LeSean McCoy and 23.47 from Matthew Stafford. The close call was an answer to a 151.17 - 108.07 loss to Rbf8489 in Week 2. Calvin Johnson racked up the second-highest score this week with 35.90 points for Rbf8489. It could have gone the other way, Rbf8489 had a starter score zero points (Jared Cook). BDUBBS (7-4, 1,656.88 points) remains in third place while Rbf8489 (3-8, 1,358.29 points) stays down in ninth place.

JACardin vs LetsTalkMMA:LetsTalkMMA recorded the highest point total in the league this week, demolishing JACardin 172.13 - 100.53. These two teams are tied for fifth place with 6-5 records, but LetsTalkMMA has a clear lead in points, 1,423.52 - 1,344.70. The beating was an answer to a 145.90 - 138.13 upset loss to JACardin in Week 2.

pballinboxer vs OJR:OJR earned their third win in as many matchups when they slipped by pballinboxer 114.57 - 114.13 in a Monday night comeback. They were led by Chris Johnson who had 21.40 points and Russell Wilson who had 21.07. OJR started one player with zero points while pballinboxer also served up one goose egg, meaning both sides missed scoring opportunities. pballinboxer falls to seventh place with a 5-6 record. OJR is in eighth place having also recently steamrolled Diazsweedman (150.53 - 132.97) and doonerthesooner (117.07 - 92.23).

doonerthesooner vs MMABoss:MMA Boss beat doonerthesooner 131.53 - 107.97 for a second win in as many head-to-head matchups. Marshawn Lynch was the key player, getting 26.30 points for MMA Boss. The last time these teams met, Darren Sproles led with 31.20. This is the tightest victory for MMA Boss in two head-to-head matchups. They defeated doonerthesooner 174.93 - 116.27 in Week 4.

Top Players:

M.Stafford - 23.47 points

C.Johnson - 35.9 points

L.McCoy - 31.0 points

C.Clay - 21.0 points

A.Vinatieri - 15.0 points

Bengals Def - 27.0 points

Biggest Bench Stash:

OJR had Ben Roethlisberger on his bench with 37.3 unused points.

League Standings: 1 - Diazsweedman 9-2

2 - JACardin 6-5

3 - BDUBBS 7-4

4 - TFK 6-5

5 - LetsTalkMMA 6-5

6 - MMABoss 5-6

7 - pballinboxer 5-6

8 - OJR 5-6

9 - Rbf8489 3-8

10 - doonerthesooner 3-8

So there it is guys not much new TFK still sucks ass and probably wont show his face in the threads anymore and we had a little shakeup in the ranking not much. Its getting down to the wire though only three games left til the playoffs but theres still [lenty o opportunity for numbers 5 through 8 to grab a spot so suck it up and win some games guys. Props to OJR for his three game streak and putting himself on the right track after a rough start.

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