Donald Cerrone vs Evan Dunham: UFC 167 'Fight of the Night' early pick

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Exciting lightweights, Donald Cerrone and Evan Dunham, will go toe-to-toe in the featured UFC 167 "Prelims" match that will air on FOX Sports 1 later this evening (Sat., Nov. 16, 2013). Both men know how to fights exciting, meaning that combat sports fans can likely expect a barn burner once the action begins.

Two incredibly exciting Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Lightweight standouts, Donald Cerrone and Evan Dunham, are set to collide in the featured UFC 167 "Prelims" under card bout that will headline FOX Sports 1's broadcast before the pay-per-view (PPV) event kicks off from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, later tonight (Sat., Nov. 16, 2013).

With both mixed marital arts (MMA) veterans participating in numerous memorable scraps over the years, Donald Cerrone vs. Evand Dunham is definitely a 155-pound showdown you will want to watch.

Cerrone, perhaps best known for his time in World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC), is a fighter well-versed in all areas of the sport. He is a potent striker who can destroy opponents at range or beat them up in tight with knees and short punches. The biggest flaw in Cerrone's game is that he is not always able to control striking battles with opponents who have good footwork, but when he is allowed to control the range -- as we saw against Jeremy Stephens -- the result is always "Cowboy" violence.

Cerrone's wrestling is pretty good, and seemingly underrated, sporting a very effective power double that has helped him bring a fight to the mat on numerous occassions. When a bout does get horizontal, Cerrone is just as formidable as he is standing, with punishing ground-and-pound, as well as a dynamic submission game that he can use from just about any position.

Dunham, meanwhile, is a fighter a lot like Cerrone. His striking is a bit more raw, but he is no stranger to big firefights, exhibiting a ton of heart that makes him a very tough opponent if he is allowed to come forward. His straight punches are quick and sharp, packing more power than you would expect from a fighter with his lanky frame. His footwork leaves something to be desired, but when he gets on the attack, Dunham is very hard to avoid.

And this is something to look for when he takes on Cerrone.

On the mat, Dunham has shown to be just as -- if not more -- threatening than Cerrone. His ground game is his lifeblood, which is highlighted by six of his 14 career victories coming via submission. His guard is tough to tangle with, and he will threaten with a large toolbox of submissions, including a very near submission over Sean Sherk with an omoplata in their meeting at UFC 119.

Expect this fight to be all over the place. Cerrone should honestly have the edge everywhere, but don't doubt Dunham's tenacity and pressure giving Cerrone significant problems. Both men will have their moments striking and their ground exchanges will be entertaining and technical, too.

Cerrone and Dunham are great fighters, with similar styles and in similar positions within the middle of the Lightweight contender pack. The winner of this fight will have to go through some tough exchanges to come out on top. Expect Cerrone and Dunham to put on a great fight at UFC 167 later this evening, one that could very well earn them "Fight of the Night" honors.

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