Best of the best week 71. I guess.


You cunts?




Mania is full of fuckin great articles copied and pasted from better mma sites. But those sites are full of pricks.We all know Mania is full of cunts. If your reading this, your a fuckin cunt. If not, your a cunt for not reading. Mania has got great, em, journalists too.

But fuck them. Its all about us fans. Us cunts.

Cunts. I'm fuckin buckled drunk, and have to...fuck sake, I've a hangover already/

Right. Cunts.

The fuckin, Fanpost of the week!

All you fucks that do a great job. Well fuckin done. You deserve to win. But fuck it, I'm not here to pick your great post, I'm here to help us.


He wins fanpost of the fuckin week, cos fuck you, join the fuckin Moneypool.

Pussy cunts.

Are you a pussy cunt? Then fuck you.

If not, click the link and join up.

Then you be just a cunt, unless you prove otherwise. Cunt.

The fuckin Shittttiest Fanpost of the week!

Listen. Tough shit Pablo. Fuckin talkin about nekid pensioners who you pretend not to perve on.

And to use the fuckin 'hump' word and it not be properly sexual?

De Mutha Fuckin Tweet of the Week


Rilly and Oilcheck got a $500 bet on who finishes higher next season in the moneypool.

Comment of the fuckin week

In regards to comments or some shit video about the influence sport has on scumbag kids. or somethin like that.

if boxing had any influence

people would jab and then hug and unsuspecting victim

F8ck you.

Scottidog's Good Guy(s~)of the Week

See, Phase and Oilcheck live over there. Ya knoe, the bad bastard storm place the Philippines. Some of us give a shit about them.

super glad to see this today

Was worried about you phase. Stay safe.


Yeah Phase. I'm really happy to hear from you mate.

The first thing I said to the wife when I was reading about the devastation was whether u were OK. I don’t know anyone else in the Philippines so you get the love for better or worse.

Seriously i’m relieved to hear you’re OK as a friend. I hope all your loved ones are OK too.

I think Maniacs should donate. You may have the best advice on that, so get it out there if you have the time at the moment.


Photoshop of the cuntin Week


The fuckin, Burn of the week Ketsugo for hatin on Miesha Tate fuckability?

You are by far the biggest queer in all of mania.

Winner of the fuckin Internet.


After closer inspection of the pic above, i'd say Dooby already hit that..

otro día..otro dólar ™

by pabloXL on Nov 11, 2013 | 11:32 PM up reply rec (7) flag
Comment of the week. Burn of the week. Photoshop of the fuckin week.


is for pussies in rehab.


Decision or not~?

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