MKL Rnd 3 results.



to the recap for season 2, round 3.

Yo, Mohamed. What do we keep telling you, it aint over, til it's fuckin over. That's the beauty of it. You never learn eh? 2 weeks running you have called a winner early, and they didn't win. So lads, if Mo predicts your gonna win, your fucked.

Also, what did we say about there being lots of finishes?

What a crazy night, pretty goddamn enjoyable to say the least. The run up to the final 2 fights made the KML event that much more exciting. Trip had the top spot for the majority of the night, but like I said, it aint over, til it's over.

Event Winner(s)

For the first time in the short history of this league, we have had 2 players tied for top spot. As per criteria I set out when I started this, they will share top points and 2nd place points evenly.

So Joben and Phasebook, who both had the same winning team, take 22.5 league points each.

With a very impressive average score of 109.5 points per fighter, here is how they stole top spot by an agonizingly close 2 points from Triplich.


Congrats LADS!

Top 10 for round 3:

Must to the delight of certain players, Mr G missed out on finally scoring a point, when Ninja, beat his score, by a single point lol.


Current League table:

So, for the 3rd time this season, we have a new number 1. Joben's shared win last night puts him atop of the heap. I myself relinquishing top spot to drop to 2nd, but with only a 2.5 pts disadvantage.

Hemmi and Mo are still hovering around the top whilst Phase finally comes good and scored some decent points and jumps from 8th to 6th.

Still very competitive with barely 13 points separating the top 5.


Round 4.

It's a big one. Next Saturday, November 16.

UFC 167: St. Pierre vs. Hendricks

I thought the event last night, was made so much more exciting with 4 players still in with a chance to win the event with 2 fights to go. Alas, it came down to 3 players, in the final fight, which had to have a first round finish.

Fuckin epic finale.

Here's hopin for the same next week. Til then..

Thanks for bein a part of this!

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