Love Hendo

Photo from MMAWEEKLY

Coming off two close decision fights that he could have easily won, Dan Henderson faced Vitor Belfort in the main event of UFC Fight Night 32, resulting in his first loss to come by way of knockout.

Some of you are writing off the former PRIDE champion, and I'm not quite sure why. Yeah, Henderson has lost his last three bouts, but dude is a mothafuckin MMA legend who has never shown an ounce of quit at all.

How many times did it take Liddell to get KTFO before the UFC decided they had got enough dough out of him? Now, the only fighters left from that era are Vitor, Hendo, and BJ.

I started to get the feeling Henderson was gonna handle bidness as he made his way to the cage last night in Brazil. And I'm not quite sure if it was because Vitor has stupid hair or if the silence and cries from the crowd were swaying me toward the American. It could have been Rony Jason getting his shit splatted by Jeremy Stephens and three of my kountermove teams taking an immediate hit on the main card, but I was no longer rooting for Vitor.

Belfort was obviously laying back to set up his power kick while the American walked him down for about a minute until an uppercut became the beginning of the end for Hendo.

Props to Vitor for adding some kicks to his arsenal. From the days of him being a 19-year old roided kid fighting fatass Scott Ferozza, to getting his shit kicked in by Anderson Silva, Belfort is now jacked up on the best medicine in South America and nobody can stop him.

There's no doubt that Belfort should get the winner of the UFC 168: Silva vs Weidman main event in December. Now we just have to wait and see who wins.

Dana White also murmured something at the post-fight conference about someone in the fight getting injured.

I think he's talking about the guy who complains that he had a stomach ache after every one of his piss poor performances.

But I could be wrong.

Like anyone who thinks Henderson is done fighting after two split decisions and the first flash KO of his career. If he was out like Wandy/Rampage or Bisping/Hendo or Evans/Liddell, with his leg twitching and has to be brought back to life with a flashlight, then I can see some good reasoning for the American to retire.

The fact is the middleweight division is getting better and better. Henderson can resign for a crappier contract and make his way back to 185.

Or maybe he will face Sonnen once Rashad Evans stomps him out.

I will always be happy to see Hendo fight anybody, so talks of him hanging up the gloves at this point in his career is fucking juvenile.

Get your shit together, maniacs.

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