Best of the Week 69 huh huh!!!

Fuckin loves me some Carly Baker!!


Fuckin welcome Maggots and Maggettes.

Here is your favorite/most hated foul mouthed fuckin Paddy droppin a post for you fuckers.

The best of the week seems to have died a death.Hemmi fucked off to pastures a green. Unam jumped on board. No wait, he didn't, Adrian did. And then fucked off. Okay, maybe it just had a slight heart attack. So I'm just gonna pump some life back into this Best of posts. So Ima quickly fly through a week of posts and comments and shit and skip all the fuckin best stuff and randomly fuckin pick some stuff and say it was undeservedly the fuckin best/worst shit from the week.


Cos fuck you, I liked the Best of the Week shit!!!!

The fuckin, Fanpost of the week!

As always, we have a wide variety of decent fanposts. Politics was covered by O Damn, but it's politics, so fuck that. The walking dead, popular as always. But I've never clicked on any of them posts, cos I only made it half way through the pilot episode before I had enough. Sorry Sarah. Some more Who should fight who? posts comin from JonnyBoy who has stepped up his game, which btw have been produced on time with more visuals and gifs. Nice one.

But i'll be awarding the Fuckin Best Fanpost of the Week to:


The Dark Knight Rises As It Should Have Been.

Now, I wont pretend I knew exactly what the fuck he was on about, but I love me some Batman. And I know a lot of the Maniacs are proper comic geeks and know exactly what he was sayin. Nice effort in this post, good response from the Maniacs, so bravo to you.

Honorary fanpost of the week.

John Galt's MMA Journalism is dead.

Just check it out for the comment section alone!!

The fuckin, Worst piece of Shit Fanpost of the week!

There were a few shit post put up this week also. Those fuckin, Epic mma rap battles. Epic?? Cmon man. Keep contributing though, I'm sure there's some love for them. Also, the 'I'm starting my own mma production'. Both these fanpost were by Deridivis Star, but are just troll jobs, surely.

However, the clear winner, was a serious fuckin post, and it was seriously shit. I think. I stopped reading about 1/4 of the way through.

So the winner of the Shittiest Fanpost of the week goes to:

just me1

I mean, the final comment from Roy1 on this sums it all up tbh:

this is the worst shit you ever wrote

Judge for yourself:

The fuckin, Burn of the week!


The fuckin cheek of some people. So irq77 decided to question the whereabouts of legitimate mma coverage on Mania and had the audacity to do so in one off Jesse' more light hearted threads.

Enter Tommy Myers.

Now, last thing I was gonna do in here was nominate anything by any staff member, but when you are top dog and burn someone and in turn get 21 fuckin recs, gonna recognize that.


Get lost complainers. Seriously, go somewhere else if you don’t want all the MMA news and have some fun. Might just start banning bitch-ass whiners because you are dumb and we can.

Founder, Editor in Chief, Follow me on Twitter @TommyMyers ... or else.

De Mutha Fuckin Tweet of the Week


Some of us Maniacs, and staff alike, are actively wasting time on twitter. Some of us just look for free tickets off Dana (It works). Some of us are just sad cunts following the lifes of fighters. Some of us actually try and get fighters sponsored. And some of us, troll the living shit out of fighters, Joben has mastered this

But there is a seriously active bunch there, check it out if you care/dare.

Anyway, I'm not gonna pick one fuckin stupid tweet, it a whole mini convo from:



To check out this and some other fucked up shit maniacs like Oilcheck get up to, check the comments section here.

The fuckin, Comment of the week!

Comment of the fuckin week? Are you fuckin kiddin me. Fuck goin through a whole week of comments, just for a stand out comment. I don't know how to do a quick search for '+1s' or, 'this' or how to check comments for rec's. Besides, I'm quickly scrollin and rollin through threads.

However, this one stands out. It's not a gem, or a knowledge bomb, but it's serious info!!


Muchas gracias

Sarah Jean Underwood. She does a naked version of this.

I suggest watching it.

Who is Sarah Underwood?


Almost gif of the week that, almost.

The fuckin, GIF of the week!

Well, I was thinkin, should I put up a highlight reel knock out gif that everyone has seen, or shall I put something more, Maniacly? Of course, Maniacly it is. Big Bouncing Boobs FTW!
Another gem from,



Well, I got to end on that happy note.

Oh shit.

I forgot one fuckin section. Mind you, no Maniacs pulled me on it yet, so, tut tut.

Scottidog's Good Guy of the Week

Okay, so i forgot about this lil award. Tbh, it's a bit of a tough one, cos we're mostly a bunch of cunts to each other here. All in jest of course, but sometimes, we can show our softer side.


So the nice guy comment comes from Oilcheck who was describing the way of Mania to Scarnon who has returned from a bit of a hiatus.

It's totally different vibe, not necessarily bad. I just accepted that mania is never the same but it's still a great community.

There’s new good posters, then there’s Plainview lol seriously, I’ve got to know a lot of good people here.


Doesn't this shit usually end with a fuckin question or some debate/opinion.

Fuckin fine.

Who ya got?

Alvarez or Chandler??

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