Chael Sonnen clowns Antonio Rogerio Nogueira on Twitter following 'Little Nog's' big injury

Jonathan Ferrey

It's open mic night over at Chael Sonnen's official Twitter account and the one-liners are coming fast and furious.

Never used.
Contact Lil' Nog,
1 Fragile Chicken Road,
No-Show, Brazil

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) light heavyweight comedian Chael Sonnen has a long and sordid history with fellow 205-pound veteran Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. He once said "Little Nog" looked like "Roy Nelson in a Frankenstein mask," then referred to him as a "scumbag" for ditching Mauricio Rua in Boston.

Imagine what he said after getting wind of the Brazilian's latest injury.

Actually, you don't have to imagine it, as "The American Gangster" made it public for the entire mixed martial arts (MMA) community to see (via Twitter), rattling off a slew of one-liners poking fun at Nogueira, who has a poor track record when it comes to staying healthy.

Have a look:

--Lil Nog: the only man who has 'no-showed' more times than Axl Rose.
--He fights less than Ghandi.
--He signs his contracts in disappearing ink.
--He gets hurt more than Johnny Knoxville.
--Too bad he can't list his profession as "Fight Avoider" on his tax return.
--Maybe Dos Santos can lend Lil Nog his heart while his face heals.
--He's the "Carmen Sandiego" of MMA.
--Instead of a contract, Joe Silva faxes him a Missing Person's Report.
--It's Halloween. Lil' Nog went as a FIGHTER, but he didn't fool anybody and got no candy.

It reads better when you insert ba-dum-dum ...tish! between each line.

Ex-middleweight champion Anderson Silva, friend and training partner of the Nogueira brothers at Blackhouse MMA, may have to take back all those nice things he just said about his former rival.

And Alexander Gustafsson probably isn't laughing.

I'd say Sonnen and Nogueira could settle this inside the cage, but we all know that's not happening. Chael is already booked to throw hands opposite Rashad Evans at the upcoming UFC 167 pay-per-view (PPV) event, before turning his attention to Wanderlei Silva on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF): "Brazil" in early 2014 (details).

By contrast, Nogueira's next fight will be against a familiar foe.


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