Alright guys another week in the books and what can I say this was a good one for me...others not so much. Also lets not forget that the colts handed the seahawks their first loss of the season the other day and have improved their record to 4-1.

This weeks matchups:

Diazsweedman vs MMA Boss:

Diazsweedman (4-1, 841.70 points) secures first place in the league after trashing MMA Boss (fifth place, 2-3, 705.40 points) 217.90 - 126.80. They also got the highest point total this season. Diazsweedman is now coming out on top with regularity and is on a four-game win streak. MMA Boss, coming off a 174.93 - 116.27 win against doonerthesooner, saw their scoring drop off this week. I was led by Manning(43) and J.Thomas(33.2). MMA Boss was led by H.Nicks(23.2).

Rbf8489 vs Pballinboxer:

pballinboxer got the second-highest player score of the season from Tony Romo (49.57) and defeated Rbf8489 132.17 - 109.93. Rbf8489 has had some misfortune and is on a three-game losing streak. Rbf8489 was led by DeSean Jackson with 26.20 points and Matt Ryan who scored 20.63. On top of the loss, Rbf8489 got zero points from Calvin Johnson. pballinboxer (2-3, 648.17 points) climbs into seventh place while Rbf8489 (1-4, 660.96 points) sinks into ninth place.

TFK vs JACardin:

TFK earned their third straight win when they crushed JACardin 144.70 - 80.23. They got a lift from Jason Witten, who led the team with 25.10 points and Jamaal Charles who got 23.50. The streak, which has been a shot in the arm for TFK, has allowed them to move up from ninth place in Week 3 to fourth place now. They're doing it by scoring a lot of points and they own the second-highest overall point total in the league, averaging 155.88 points per matchup. JACardin falls to second place with a 4-1 record. TFK has recently knocked over Rbf8489 (179.10 - 139.00) and OJR (157.37 - 115.37).


OJR benefited from 26.00 points from Knowshon Moreno and 24.20 from Russell Wilson to take down BDUBBS 141.50 - 122.83. They came into the matchup as a 24.02-point underdog. With this loss, BDUBBS scored 87.8% of their projected points, and has now failed to meet projections for four weeks running. LeSean McCoy led BDUBBS with 21.20 points while Vernon Davis brought in 17.80. OJR (1-4, 642.20 points) remains mired in the cellar while BDUBBS (2-3, 689.20 points) stays in sixth place.

Doonerthesooner vs LetsTalkMMA:

LetsTalkMMA registered the second-highest score of the week on the way to their third win in as many matchups when they beat doonerthesooner 159.00 - 145.07 in a Monday night comeback. The streak, which has provided big momentum for LetsTalkMMA, has allowed them to move up from sixth place in Week 3 to third place now. They also have the third-highest scoring output in the league at 147.53 points per matchup. doonerthesooner falls to eighth place with a 2-3 record. LetsTalkMMA has recently defeated OJR (142.73 - 116.43) and BDUBBS (160.27 - 115.77).

Top players of the week:

Tony Romo-49.57

TY Hilton-31

Ray Rice-26.2

Julius Thomas-33.2

San Fansico DEF-22

Matt Prater-18

Biggest bench stash of the week:

BDUBBS takes this with Alshon Jeffery scoring 40.8 unused points.

Highest and lowest point margins:

Yours truly got the top spot with a 91.1 lead over pballin and I set the season record for biggest margin so far.

LetsTalk won by the smallest margin besting dooner by 13.93 points.

Current division standings:

1-Diazsweedman 4-1 841.7 pts total

2-JACardin 4-1 661.23 pts total

3-LetsTalkMMA 4-1 737.66 pts total

4-TFK 3-2 779.2 pts total

5-MMA BOSS 2-3 705.4 pts total

6-BDUBBS 2-3 689.2 pts total

7-Pballinboxer 2-3 648.17 pts total

8-Doonerthesooner 2-3 599.61 pts total

9-Rbf8489 1-4 660.96 pts total

10-OJR 1-4 642.2 pts total

Week 6 matchups:

Diazsweedman vs Rbf8489

TFK vs LetsTalkMMA(game to watch this week)

JACardin vs OJR

BDUBBS vs Doonerthesooner

Pballinboxer vs MMA Boss

There you go guys we had some good shakeups in the rankings this week and OJR notched his first win of the season so lets keep the good times rolling and get prepared for a big week 6.

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