Cotto vs Rodriguez results, LIVE online fight coverage stream from HBO Boxing in Orlando

Former boxing champion Miguel Cotto returns to the squared circle TONIGHT (Sat., Oct. 5, 2013) against the dangerous Delvin Rodriguez, LIVE on HBO from Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Get full "Cotto vs. Rodriguez" results and live fight coverage right here, RIGHT NOW!

After a tough loss to Austin Trout cost him a shot at Saul "Canelo" Alvarez and the ludicrous quantity of money involved therein, Puerto Rican boxing superstar Miguel Cotto will enter the ring once more against Dominican Republic's Delvin Rodriguez in the main event of an HBO double-header tonight (Sat., Oct. 5, 2013) from Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.

MMAmania will deliver LIVE "Cotto vs. Rodriguez" coverage below, starting with the HBO broadcast at 9:45 p.m. ET this evening.

Cotto, a former title holder at 140 and 147 pounds, is on the first multi-fight losing streak of his career, having come up short (although not nearly as far short as most expected) against Floyd Mayweather Jr. before losing the aforementioned bout with Trout. Looking to get back in the win column, he will enter the ring with legendary trainer Freddie Roach in his corner, the man who helped Manny Pacquiao to victory over Cotto in 2009.

Rodriguez is also a fellow Trout victim; in fact, the one immediately preceding Cotto. He's picked up two stoppage victories since, but is best known for his slugfest draw with Pawel Wolak in July 2011. He will enjoy three inches of both height and reach over Cotto.

The HBO Boxing card will also feature a Lightweight clash between unbeatens Terence Crawford and Andrey Klimov. Crawford has stopped five of his last six opponents, the sole decision a win over one-time Amir Khan conqueror Breidis Prescott, while Klimov recently took out Lightweight contender John Molina.

Finally, HBO will show a replay of Klitschko vs. Povetkin (see full results here), which is set to go down this afternoon from Moscow, Russia.


Junior Middleweight: Miguel Cotto def. Delvin Rodriguez by TKO at 0:18 of Round Three

Lightweight: Terence Crawford def. Andrey Klimov by unanimous decision (100-90 x3)


Miguel Cotto vs. Delvin Rodriguez

Round one: Cotto on the front foot early. Jab to the body. Delvin with a counter jab. Left to the body from Miguel. Another big one. Stiff jab from Cotto. Delvin active with the jab and lands a clubbing right as Miguel moves into the clinch. Jabs from both. Good body shots from Miguel.They clinch for a short while. Miguel with a stiff double jab and he digs to the body once again. Cotto doubles up the hook. Another big body shot; Cotto looks great in there. Two big body blows inside. And again. Again. 10-9 Cotto.

Round two: Cotto continues the body attack. Rodriguez sneaks in one of his own. Next hook goes upstairs, followed by a glancing right. Big 3-2 from Miguel. Clinch. They move to clinch and Miguel thumps his torso inside. Delvin answers a right to the body with one to the head, only for Cotto to respond in kind. Counter left hook from Cotto gets Rodriguez' attention. Right upstairs. Rodriguez takes another left to the body but lands a good one himself to the head. Miguel lands some point-blank lefts near the ropes. HUGE right hand and left hook from Cotto have Delvin wobbled right at the bell. Utter dominance from Cotto so far. 20-18.

Round three: Cotto not letting up and CRUSHES Rodriguez with a left hook against the ropes. Delvin goes down in a heap and the ref immediately stops it. Wow.

Final Result: Cotto def. Rodriguez by TKO


Terence Crawford vs. Andrey Klimov

Round one: Crawford firing off the jab. He's having success with it. Klimov eats a clubbing right that knocks him off balance. Clinch. Crawford lands a right hand, then a bigger one off a Klimov jab. Klimov again prods the body. Crawford rips off a pair of body shots. Good right hands from Crawford; he works the body and lands a left hook up top. Klimov looks befuddled in there. Big right to the body from the Nebraskan. Easy work for Terence this round. 10-9 same.

Round two: Crawford continues to fire off stiff jabs. Triples it up to good effect. Counter left from the Russian connects. Crawford switches to southpaw and works a surprisingly good right jab. Sneaky straight from Crawford stuns Klimov. Right hand from the Russian. Another lead left straight lands. Left hook lands for Klimov. Lead straight lands again. There's the bell, 20-18 Crawford.

Round three: They paw at each other in center ring for the first thirty seconds. Lead straight left from Crawford. Klimov pokes the body. Good one-one-two from Crawford. Klimov catches him with a good counter right as Crawford flurries on him. Thumping body shots from the Nebraskan. They go back to pawing at one another for a little while. Crawford avoids a counter right and lands an uppercut. Left uppercut seems to wobble Klimov right at the bell. 30-27 Crawford.

Round four: Crawford with a good double jab on the counter. Klimov narrowly avoids a combination. Long straight to the body from the American. Klimov trying to jab, eats a bigger one for his trouble. Right hook by Crawford backs his man up. Klimov counter right sneaks in. Another good body shot from Terence. He follows that with another, then a left up top. Left to the body again. Crawford lands a counter right hook that causes Klimov to slip. Andrey finally lands a jab. Bell, 40-36 Crawford.

Round five: Klimov attempts a series of jabs and takes some slapping hooks for his trouble.Good left up top from Terence and a right downstairs; Klimov fires back to no effect. Good counter combo from Crawford. Two-one form the American. Klimov right hand bounces off the guard. Good right hook after a sequence of intermittent jabs. Crawford continues to connect with most of his shots. Crawford landing to little return fire for the last minute or so. 50-45 same.

Round six: Klimov has been outlanded four to one so far.

Klimov jabs the body. Jab exchange to the head. Crawford lands hard to the body. Again. Lots of feinting, little action in center ring. This is a mismatch without even the base satisfaction of watching someone get violently smacked down. Crawford refuses to commit to real power shots and Klimov refuses to throw any real shots. Klimov finally barrels after him and slips taking a right hand. Bleh. 60-54 Crawford.

Round seven: Crawford jabbing, sticks a right hook in there. Good body shots. Good counter hook from the American and another hard body shot. Klimov doing nothing in there. Crawford fires a straight through Klimov's guard. Clinch. Klimov lands a right hand. One-two from Terence. Takes a left hook, lands a right that stings Klimov. Crawford bounces some shots off the guard to end the round. 70-63.

Round eight: Terence puts a left hand in Klimov's breadbasket. Crawford's jab connecting well. Klimov knocks Crawford off balance with a left but does not press the advantage. Jab exchanges. Now Crawford's back to the one-sided jabbing dominance that's characterized this crappy fight. Klimov is averaging less than five landed punches per round. Good body shot from Terence. 80-72 Crawford.

Round nine: Crawford lands some hard straights. Klimov lands an overhand right. I am literally falling asleep in my seat over how utterly noncompetitive and dull this fight is. Crawford throws a bunch of jabs. Klimov punches once in a while and actually lands maybe one of five. That left hook lands, though. Crawford outclassing him but refusing to actually make the effort to put his man away. Left hands connect for Crawford. Blurgh. 90-81.

Round ten: Klimov's trainer literally called him a coward and it still hasn't gotten him fired up enough to put up a real fight.

Crawford still owning him. Klimov falling miserably short with most of his shots, save for one right hand there. Straight left from Crawford and a good right. I am more amused by the announcers whining about this fight and the Klitschko fight than I am watching the actual action. Crawford now clowning around; to be fair, Klimov is throwing a bit more than he has. Crawford lands some good left hands. Crawford finally opens up in the last ten seconds and has Klimov hurt before the bell. 100-90 Crawford.

Final Result: Crawford def. Klimov by unanimous decision


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