'Mayhem' Miller responds to Uriah Hall racial slur, Dana White offers punch bonus (not spank)

Esther Lin for Sho Sports

Jason Miller is full of love and Uriah Hall did not violate the UFC code of conduct. Welcome to Crazytown!

Struggling Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) middleweight Uriah Hall, it would seem, has finally earned some respect as a mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

Well, at least in the eyes of UFC President Dana White.

After failing to live up to expectations on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 17, Hall was lambasted by White, who insisted the flashy striker out of Team Tiger Schulman did not have what it takes to be a fighter following consecutive losses to Kelvin Gastelum and John Howard.

Then he slugged Jason Miller outside a Commerce casino and all is forgiven.

That response will probably come as a surprise to fans who were expecting some form of disciplinary action against Hall -- based on the promotion's new and improved code of conduct (read it) -- but he will apparently sail into his upcoming UFC 168 fight against Chris Leben unscathed.

Heck, he might even get an "Attempted Knockout of the Night" bonus.

The combat sports community has been abuzz following Uriah's run-in with Miller last weekend in California. "Mayhem" can be seen on video (watch it) hurling what appear to be racial slurs, only to goad Hall into throwing a punch. But don't believe all that jazz about racism.

Miller (via Twitter) says it's nothing more than punking some guy who got in his face.

"Don't believe the lies. I am at ease. I have no hate for anyone based on race, and idgaf what u think anyway. Some guy got in my face, I punked him, he threw, I slipped it. It seems to me that I must play the "bad guy" insomuch as that is the narrative that everyone is writing for me. Truth is, I'm full of love."

He's definitely full of something ... I'm just not sure if it's love.

Unfortunately for "Mayhem," his track record is a bit spotty. In addition to his hand in the Nashville brawl opposite Nick Diaz back in 2010, he's been in and out of trouble with the law for the better part of two years (more on that here) and continues to exhibit bizarre behavior during public appearancesHe could be attempting the longest troll job in MMA history, or he could need psychiatric help.

Either way, he's not getting any sympathy from his ex-boss.

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