Alright guys another week another loss for TFK but before we get to all that I just want to remind you guys to set your lineups each week. It doesn't take that much time and even if you don't give a shit(some of us give lots of shits) just set em for the rest of us so you don't bring our overall numbers down and make us look even more pathetic than joben on sunday morning. There was a couple guys that might have won if they would've setup their people but anyway there that is and HERE WE GO!!!!(Mike Goldberg voice)


Diazsweedman vs LetsTalkMMA:Diazsweedman benefited from 24.50 points from Peyton Manning and 22.30 from Dez Bryant to edge LetsTalkMMA, 119.30 - 117.07. Having won their last seven, Diazsweedman has developed a reputation as unbeatable. On the other hand, LetsTalkMMA is headed in a different direction, after dropping their third in a row. Colin Kaepernick led LetsTalkMMA with 28.87 points while Antonio Brown racked up 17.40. LetsTalkMMA (4-4, 1,065.66 points) drops to sixth place while Diazsweedman (7-1, 1,250.90 points) remains in first place. Damn that was close!

Rbf8489 vs Doonerthesooner:Rbf8489 got the second-highest point total in the league this week and got past doonerthesooner 152.43 - 142.27. The win was an answer to a 117.07 - 115.73 tight loss to doonerthesooner in Week 1. doonerthesooner could not make the most of a big increase in points compared to last week's 101.63 - 92.60 loss against TFK. The margin could have been bigger, Rbf8489 had two starters score zero points. Rbf8489 (3-5, 1,030.59 points) climbs into seventh place and doonerthesooner (2-6, 962.35 points) stays mired in last place. Rbf actually won this game with his kicker on a bye week.

TFK vs BDUBBS:BDUBBS beat TFK 157.47 - 135.27 for a second win in as many head-to-head matchups. Matthew Stafford was the determining factor, garnering 26.47 points for BDUBBS. The last time these teams met, A.J. Green led with 37.20. This is the tightest win for BDUBBS in two head-to-head matchups. They beat TFK 194.30 - 156.70 in Week 1. TFK has now lost to all the top teams he has played and boasts the easiest schedule in the league.

JACardin vs OJR:Aaron Rodgers recorded 24.60 points and Demaryius Thomas scored 20.50 as JACardin beat OJR, 146.10 - 102.83. This win was revenge for a Week 6 110.67 - 96.40 upset loss to OJR. Knowshon Moreno led OJR with 25.30 points while Russell Wilson brought in 18.23. Each team left something on the table as JACardin had one starter turn in zero points and OJR had four. JACardin (6-2, 1,065.50 points) remains in second place while OJR (2-6, 972.73 points) stays down in ninth place. This is a good example of a game ojr could've won if he would've spent about 15 minutes setting up his team.

pballinboxer vs MMA Boss:pballinboxer remains unbeaten in two matchups against MMA Boss with a 111.17 - 94.27 win. Tony Romo was the key difference, getting 25.47 points for pballinboxer. The last time these teams met, Vincent Jackson led with 32.40. With Antonio Gates delivering zero points for pballinboxer, it could have been worse. This is the highest margin for pballinboxer in two head-to-head matchups. They beat MMA Boss 142.27 - 138.20 in Week 6.

Top Players of the Week:

D.Brees-40.97 points

C.Johnson-53.9 points

K.Moreno-25.3 points

J.Graham-17.9 points

D.Bailey-17 points

Cincinnati Def-24 points

Biggest Bench Stash of the Week:

I had it this week benching H.Douglas who scored me 24.1 of the most useless points ever.

Weekly Facts:

•Diazsweedman won despite having only 2 of their 10 starters exceed their projected points.

•LetsTalkMMA would be 36-36 if they played every team every week.

•6 of the starters on doonerthesooner scored less than their projected points.

•Rbf8489 won despite having 2 of their 10 starters score zero points.

•BDUBBS picked up the Arizona Cardinals Defense, which beat their scoring projection by 145.0%, which was the highest percentage among the two teams.

•TFK scored 135.27 points against a projected 153.90 and has underachieved for four straight weeks.

•JACardin picked up the Denver Broncos Defense, which surpassed their scoring projection by a league-leading 224.7%.

•OJR got the best total score from their RBs of any team this week with 54.70 points.

•pballinboxer had two starters score more points than the highest-scoring starter for MMA Boss.

•MMA Boss would have been beaten by every other team in the league this week.

Next Week's Matchups:

Diazsweedman vs OJR

Rbf8489 vs LetsTalkMMA

TFK vs MMABoss

JACardin vs Doonerthesooner

BDUBBS vs pballinboxer

Short and sweet there you have it so remember to take a lil time to set your lineups guys I mean we know TFK isn't winning anyway so it doesn't really affect that but still we would all enjoy it better if you would.

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