Friday Fun Thread: I Went Too Far

Alright, look

I knew what i was doing when i wrote that fanpost and i also knew that most people would easily figure out who i'm talking about since most of the regulars here follow her on twitter.

Was it in bad taste? Yes, i admitted that in the fanpost.

Was it meanspirited? Yes, again i admitted that in the fanpost.

What happened between me and her should stay between me and her and i'm a scumbug for trying to entertain you guys at her expense. I won't bother to try and justify why i wrote what i wrote. FFT is and was never the time and place for that type of thing and i knew that while writing it.

So, if i offended anyone by what i wrote then i'm sorry. I like this community, a lot and i don't want to become a paria here because of a unclassy and meanspirited move like writing a fanpost about personal issues that should've remained personal.

That being said, i meant everything i said in that fanpost, everything i said in that fanpost is absolutely true, and the woman in question already knows how i feel about her.

Also realize that i know her much better than any of you combined, i've met her in real life, stayed at her place, etc and talk to her for months every single day for hours at a time. I've seen her true colors and i have my reasons for pulling such a douchy move on the internet.

We stopped talking about a month ago we've blocked each other from twitter and facebook. I was planning to let it go and forget we ever knew each other until something this week happened that really pissed me the fuck off and thus... here we are.

Doesn't matter though, i saw i was getting an adverse reaction from the people that know her so i deleted it to avoid any drama that would've no doubt ensued if i kept i the post up. If she showed up in the comment section to argue with me, it would've gotten nasty very very quickly and no-one needs to see that.

Well, I clearly fucked up the FFT for this week... whoops.

Accept some T n A as a peace offering, Mania?

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