Cole Miller: UFC trying to buy a country with a 'show pony' like Conor McGregor and it's 'disgusting'

Jared Wickerham

Is Conor McGregor just a show pony? Yay or neigh?

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) featherweight Conor McGregor has been the talk of the town in recent months, following a pair of wins over Marcus Brimage at UFC on FUEL TV 9 and Max Holloway at UFC Fight Night 26.

But kicking butt inside the Octagon isn't what has propelled him to such great heights hypes.

Instead, it has been his behavior outside the Octagon. Besides pissing off just about every other fighter at 145 pounds, "Notorious" is buzzing around town in Dana White's Ferrarigroping female stripperssewing up a bum knee and planning a three-way with two of the world's best female bantamweight fighters.

Fellow featherweight Cole Miller (via Fighters Only) is not impressed.

"I am not trying to say he is a bad fighter or anything like that, I'm just saying that he can't walk into the UFC, win a decision over a 21-year-old kid like Max Holloway and then talk shit about my team mates, American Top Team guys like Nik Lentz and Dustin Poirier. Those guys are top 10 guys. I'm not gonna sit back and let somebody do that. You've got a decision win over a 21-year-old kid. I've got nine wins in the UFC, fifteen fights. I'm tested. You don't deserve to just walk past everybody and go to the top of the line. I think that's disgusting... where do you get off thinking you're on that level? Talking about how great he is ... you didn't finish a 21-year-old with eight MMA fights. Get out of here dude. So I am just trying to jump in there and say to the guy look, you might be all that but you gotta prove it. I'm right here, come and prove it to me. The UFC is trying to buy a country, get all these fans in Ireland and they've got a good fighter in Conor McGregor, everybody is behind him so they've turned him into a show pony. You see him everywhere, they fly him out to every event, you see him there looking all GQ. I mean I don't think he's a bad fighter or anything, I just need to see a little bit more from him so, you know, come through me. I just think you don't deserve to be fighting a top ten guy after not finishing a 21-year-old kid."

"Magrinho" has a legitimate argument.

While McGregor has shown above-average skills inside the cage, which previously awarded him gold while competing for Cage Warriors Fighting Championship (CWFC), it's a little early to start talking about where he ranks among the division contenders.

Then there's the other side of the coin.

We won't know if C-Mac is a top-10 fighter unless he gets the opportunity to fight one (see the list here). Miller contends that McGregor shouldn't be passing through that door unless he can get through him, first, which would mark the Irish "Super Freak's" first bout after surgery.

Spring of 2014 is the expected return date.

To his credit, Miller (20-8) has exceptional submission skills and McGregor (14-2) has been tapped twice in his career. While I'm not sure a win over The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 5 veteran can buy you a country, it will certainly rid you of the "show pony" label.

This potential match-up doing anything for you?

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