MMA Journalism is Dead. Here's Why DC is Afraid of Gus.

MMA Journalism is getting to be a joke these days.

MMA journalists have no BALLS to ask the tough questions and expose the obvious truths about top UFC fighters. They're just water carriers hoping to carry enough water to get a few exclusive interviews with top fighters.

Yeah they'll dump on Chael (and other fighters) who are POLITICALLY convenient targets, but other than that they are nothing but water carrying drones.

Let's take the curious case of DC (aka Daniel Cormier, aka Fat Man).

Everybody knows DC had kidney damage when he tried to cut down to 211 for the Beijing Olympics, blah blah blah.

Yeah Yeah Yeah. We all know that.

So when DC just PUSSIED OUT of a fight with Gus in Europe, MMA journalists were quick to accept his latest PUSSY EXCUSE of "not wanting to cut weight in Europe".

Or, more specifically...

He apparently doesn't think he can find a FUCKEN SAUNA in Sweden or anywhere else in Europe. Apparently saunas only exist in the good ol' USA. Yeah, okay. Nice excuse. ...And Jesse Holland just ate it up like a mindless drone.

Also... DC apparently doesn't think he can find suitable food in Europe which would be conducive to cutting weight, since I guess America is the only country with ultra lean food for weight cutting (which is why Americans are so much leaner, or I mean, so much fatter than Europeans on average). Nice try DC.

Jesse ate that up to.

Nor does he think his team can BRING NON PERISHABLE FOOD WITH HIM to Europe for a week......since I guess that's just a possibility that European law forbids. LOL.

Where are you MMA journalists?

Well, since the MMA journalists are hiding under the covers and too afraid to reveal the truth about why DC is too fucken scared to fight Gus in Europe, I'll go ahead and do their jobs for them. Free of charge.

DC doesn't want to fight Gus in Sweden because both he and Cain are too accustomed to fighting in cities where fans favor them by a wide margin (San Jose, Anaheim, Houston, etc) or at the very least neutral cities which don't favor their opponents.

They are both pussies in this regard and don't have the BALLS to face down a hostile crowd of thousands of foreign fans who will basically view them as the equivalent of Satan.

Not only is Cain accustomed to fighting in cities which heavily favor him... But did you notice that Cain failed to make the press tour to Brazil, his opponent's home country?

He gave an excuse which sounded as though it was crafted by his PR person.

...And guess what? That was just a FUCKEN PRESS CONFERENCE that he pussied out of (not a real fight).

Talk about a world class pussy.

So now we have DC afraid to face down a hostile Swedish crowd while making PUSSY EXCUSES about "saunas" and "European food". LOL.

Neither Cain nor DC have ever faced the kind of hostility he'll face when fighting a Swede in Sweden in such a high profile main event. DC would literally be reviled by everybody there. He would be viewed as Satan when fighting Gus in Sweden.

That's why DC won't fight Gus in Sweden or anywhere else in Europe where Gus is heavily favored by fans.

Hey Jesse, think about something very carefully sir...

By giving up the fight with Gus he's basically abandoning his ability to contend for the title until AFTER Gus fights Jon Jones again......which means DC is literally waiving his title fight for another 9 months until 2015 sometime.

You believe he's doing that just because he thinks Europe has no fucken saunas or food suitable for cutting weight? (which in DC's case is probably Taco Bell or McDonalds)

You don't think the UFC would have special European staff on standby ready to assist DC with his food for the final week leading up to the weigh ins? And you call yourselves MMA journalists?

Let's explore DC's kidney excuse in detail.

The reason he had kidney trouble during his previous weight cut was because HE DID IT DANGEROUSLY WRONG and tried to CUT TOO MUCH WATER FROM HIS BODY which is why his kidneys ran into trouble.

Newsflash: Kidneys don't like it when the body loses too much water. That's not exactly a secret.

Guess what? Kidneys generally don't get into trouble just because a man who weighs 225 or 230 pounds tries to diet down to 211 pounds safely and slowly over the course of months.

In fact, common sense should tell you that a 6 foot man weighing 211 pounds poses no serious problems for the average person's kidneys. Just look at a basic height and weight obesity chart.

Where are you MMA Journalists? Still hiding under the covers?

Guess what? If DC slowly diets down to a safer weight (closer to 205) then he'll have no fucken trouble making weight in Europe or anyplace else. He won't encounter the same danger he encountered as a wrestler because he won't have to scramble at the last minute to lose too much water weight and stress his kidneys.

Capiche? means he'll have to slowly and safely give up some muscle mass but that's just the price of staying healthy. He can't expect to retain the same muscle mass and have a smooth weight cut.

And yes.......he'll need to safely diet down to a weight much closer to 205 than other fighters are accustomed to doing. But guess what? That's just the price he must pay to ensure his health.

And with Dolce by his side I'm sure he could do it easily, even in SWEDEN.


So the main issue isn't FUCKEN SAUNAS or a lack of TACO BELLS and MCDONALDS in Sweden.

It's really a question of DC being too much of a pussy to face down hostile Swedish fans before, during and after the fight.

That's the scoop Mr. Holland.

DC is a pussy. He's got no balls.

And MMA journalism is dead.

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