The Dark Knight Rises As It Should Have Been...

Those of you Maniacs that follow me on Twatter know that I'm a movie guy. I studied film production and screenwriting a little in college and have wanted to be a writer since I was a kid; which probably explains why even if I'm blasted drunk, I will still text and tweet near perfect grammar and spelling. But on to the topic at hand:

A friend of of mine and I were discussing the Dark Knight Trilogy and Christopher Nolan in general. He seems to rather enjoy The Dark Knight Rises, while I view it as a pile shit that was dropped just so all parties could quit the franchise and move on to other things. While the film itself was commercially successful, despite the tragedy of an opening night in Colorado, it also failed to deliver, at least in my eyes, the epic conclusion to a trilogy in any sort of cohesive fashion. While the overall idea for the film is awesome, it was written and executed with such haphazard stupidity, that many really cool opportunities were lost in favor of...shit, i'm not really sure.

At any rate, while I'm going through my bitch out of this movie to my friend, he tells me to write a better one. So I've decided to take him up on it. I realize it is a bit ridiculous to rewrite a movie that has been released and pretty large success, but some guy did it for Star Wars Episodes I and II, so what the hell?

I decided to start with how things were set up, since how we are reintroduced to Bruce and Catwoman kind of irks me, and quite a few others, as I see on the nets. So, following will be some character points of where we meet many of the major players at the beginning of the film, and a small explanation of what Bruce/Bats has actually been doing in the eight years since Harvey Dent and Rachel Dawes' deaths:

Bruce Wayne/Batman: For the eight years between the end of The Dark Knight and Rises, Bruce has immersed himself even deeper into the alter ego of Batman, facing off against some of the rogue's gallery of criminals that have been showcased in other films, along with the Joker, who occasionally makes his escapes to wreak more havoc, intent on breaking the people of Gotham and watching the city burn. At the beginning of TDKR, Wayne Ent. is essentially bankrupt. Instead of having it be because of a bad investment in clean energy, Oswald Cobblepot has come out of the woodworks to exact revenge on Bruce for his own family's financial ruin a few decades prior, something tied to Thomas Wayne before his untimely death. Between fighting the Penguin and the Joker, Bruce is financially bankrupt and his body is wearing down, hence the state we see him at the beginning. As a side note, the culmination of the fight between Batman and The Penguin and Joker results in the death of the Joker at the Penguin's hand, leaving Oswald Cobblepot to spend the rest of his life in Blackgate prison.

John Roland Daggett:



This soft jawed snake is John Daggett, the guy who is supposed to be trying to take over Wayne Ent. It's never really revealed why, though. He really serves no purpose in the film other than to serve as a smoke screen for Bane. Here, his role is a bit more defined. He is a majority shareholder in Wayne Ent, and has gotten himself on the Board of Directors. He owns and runs a Private Military company and wants to take over Wayne Ent. to reopen the weapons R&D department and use that to outfit his mercs with the highly expensive and experimental gear Wayne was developing for the government years prior. He has hired a ruthless man known only as Bane to head his mercs as they secretly look to destablize the city through guerilla attacks on the police, slowly dwindling the force and creating a need to create a well armed privatized police force.

Bane: In the comics, Bane was born on the fictional island of Santa Prisca. His father was a revolutionary, known as King Snake, against a corrupt government. Having escaped the court and prison system of Pena Dura and then disappearing, the corrupt government decided his son should serve out his father's life sentence. There Bane developed his ferocious tenacity, intelligence and strength, until he finally broke loose. Bane travels the world searching for his father and is taken in by Ra's al Ghul some time after Bruce Wayne breaks from the League of Shadows. It's during this time that Bane meets and falls in love with Talia al Ghul, and is later rejected by Ra's for his love of brutality. As the film begins, Bane is one of Daggett's mercs, secretly destablizing the city, and creating the same aura of fear amongst the citizens of Gotham that Batman once held over the criminals.

Talia al Ghul:



While Marion Cotillard is very beautiful, she didn't quite pull off Talia for me. Plus the handling of her character was just... ehh, shit. Hey, let me help you break into your foreclosed mansion, creep a pic of your dead ex, and then get naked before the fire! For her bio, I'd also have her a bit closer to the comics. At least in origin. During the decade after her father's death in Batman Begins, she has quietly rebuilt the League of Shadows, determined to finish her father's work in Gotham. Thinking Ra's al Ghul underestimated Bruce Wayne, she sets out to get closer to him and learn about him. As she gets to know him better, she begins to fall in love with the man she feels is responsible for the death of her father.

Selina Kyle/Catwoman: In the comics, Selina has had a few different origin stories, but the one I want to use is the one from her Earth 2 origin. She was in an abusive marriage to a rich and powerful guy, until one day she had enough. She breaks into her husband's vault and steals all the jewels and money. The rush is so great, that she decides that this is how she will spend her life -- stealing from the rich, and helping those less fortunate. Gotham's own Robin Hood. Sorta. Batman runs across her a few times, but is never able to apprehend her. Seeing the corrupt people she targets for her thefts, he doesn't try very hard, and starts developing an odd romance, creating the love triangle of Bruce & Talia/Batman & Catwoman.

Not sure what to do with JGL's Drake character, but I'll figure out something.

"How do you know I'm Batman?"

"You don't smile."

Anyway, if you've made it all the way down here, thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any feedback, I'd appreciate it. If you want to post some T&A in the comments, feel free. Verbal diarrhea welcome. Oh, and before I forget:




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