MMAmania FFB A League Week 7 Recap

Week 7 is in the books. yada yada yada

BUT, before we get to the recap, I have some business to discuss. I tried emailing you both privately but have not gotten a response back, so I'll try right here.

BJPENNFAN - I still have not received anything in the mail. PLEASE get back to me asap to discuss. I have emailed you a couple times these past few weeks and you have not replied. Your team is currently locked from performing add/drops until you reach me.

BUSTER BLUTH - I received the money order from you in the mail months ago. However, my lazy ass didn't make it to the bank until this past weekend. Long story short, you mailed me a money order with the PAY TO in your name and the SENDER in my name. I am not authorized to cash the money order. Only you are. PLEASE email me to discuss. I'm going to have to mail it back to you and you are going to have to mail me a new one. Ridiculous....

Now that that is out of the way, here's how the week 7 matchups went down

ViolentMike: 142.50

TripPilch: 132.80

ViolentMike (5-2, 1,020.47 points) beat TripPilch (2-5, 881.87 points) 142.50 - 132.80 in a matchup with several lead changes. However, with the help of 16.60 points from Wes Welker and 13.90 from Knowshon, ViolentMike ended Sunday night ahead of Damayius Thomas and TripPilch. ViolenMike was led by Matthew Stafford who had 29.90 points and Jordan Reed who scored 28.40. ViolentMike's team is kicking ass and has moved into 3rd place (2nd highest scoring).

Shiv: 125.93

Puck Head: 118.07

Down by 36.24 points on Sunday night, Shiv put up 44.10 to pull off an upset of Puck Head, 125.93 - 118.07. They benefited from a team-leading 29.00 points from Eric Decker. While each team fell short of hitting their projections, Shiv scored 98.2% of a projected 128.24 points to get the win. Jacquizz Rodgers led Puck Head with 26.20 points while the Carolina Panthers Defense racked up 20.00. Shiv (2-5, 919.00 points) inches up to 10th place and Puck Head (4-3, 1,005.45 points) drops to fourth place.

Joben: 143.87

GriffinFan: 122.53

Joben (6-1, 1,076.90 points) registered the highest score for the week to get the win over GriffinFan05 (2-5, 763.88 points) 143.87 - 122.53 in a back-and-forth matchup. One of the best teams vs one of the worst. The winner of this one was never in question.

BJPennFan: 122.57

Deuce: 77.77

BJPennfan benefited from 27.87 points from Aaron Rodgers and 23.60 from Roy Helu Jr., bulldozing Deuce02 122.57 - 77.77. They came into the matchup as a 14.02-point underdog. It was the second blowout win on the season for BJPennfan. Deuce02, coming off a 143.57 - 137.67 win against Puck Head, saw their scoring drop off this week. With Montee Ball delivering and ugly goose egg for BJPennfan, the gap could have been wider. BJPennfan (4-3, 893.40 points) climbs into fifth place while Deuce02 (5-2, 940.31 points) stays in second place.

donkeypunch: 142.53

Buster Bluth: 128.50

donkeypunch took down Buster Bluth 142.53 - 128.50 and registered the second-highest score in the league this week. Buster Bluth has had a string of bad luck lately after losing their third in a row. Calvin Johnson, with 36.50 points, racked up the highest score for the week. donkeypunch (3-4, 880.53 points) climbs into eighth place while Buster Bluth (3-4, 913.77 points) drops to seventh place.

John G: 120.70

Kevin: 117.40

John G picked up their third win in as many matchups when they stole one from Mania's Pete Rose 120.70 - 117.40. They got a boost from Andrew Luck, who got the third-highest point total in the league this week. The streak has been a windfall for John G. They've moved from 12th place to ninth since Week 5. Mania's Pete Rose goes to 3-4 and slides to sixth place. John G has recently beaten Buster Bluth (149.83 - 97.27) and Shiv (143.03 - 108.77).


Rank Team W-L-T Div Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves

Division 1

1 avatar Joben 6-1-0 4-1-0 1076.90 907.23 W-5 2 5
3 avatar ViolentMike 5-2-0 4-1-0 1020.47 945.51 W-2 7 16
7 avatar Buster Bluth 3-4-0 2-3-0 913.77 947.06 L-3 12 16
8 avatar donkeypunch 3-4-0 3-2-0 880.53 950.87 W-1 8 8
11 avatar TripPilch 2-5-0 1-4-0 881.87 944.94 L-1 9 22
12 avatar GriffinFan05 2-5-0 1-4-0 763.88 870.83 L-2 5 12

Division 2

2 avatar Deuce02 5-2-0 3-2-0 940.31 825.01 L-1 4 4
4 avatar Puck Head 4-3-0 2-3-0 1005.45 903.13 L-2 11 15
5 avatar BJPennfan 4-3-0 4-1-0 893.40 843.20 W-2 1 10
6 avatar Mania's Pete Rose 3-4-0 3-2-0 938.36 941.43 L-4 10 5
9 avatar John G 3-4-0 2-3-0 823.76 955.98 W-3 6 13
10 avatar Shiv 2-5-0 1-4-0 919.00 1022.51 W-1 3 13

Week 8 Preview

Current Projections are in parenthesis

ViolentMike (156.67 ** Highest Projected score all season) vs GriffinFan (104.20, still needs a RB and Def)

Shiv (116.87, still needs a Def) vs Deuce (107.16, still needs a WR and RB)

Joben (117.41, still needs a WR and Def) vs Buster Bluth (122.97, still needs a kicker)

BJPennFan (99.83, still needs a TE and Kicker) vs John G (102.77 still needs a QB)

TripPilch (128.16) vs donkeypunch (96.19, still needs TE)

Kevin (125.05) vs Puck Head (107.72, needs a RB and K)

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