JDS Deserved His Beat Down. His Problem is Luiz Dorea.

I was a JDS fan prior to last Saturday.

Note the "past tense" in that sentence. I "was" a fan. Not anymore.

JDS deserved his beat down. JDS deserved everything he got last Saturday.


Because he and his team decided that rather than solving the CLINCH RIDDLE they would simply "work on the punches" (to quote Luiz Dorea during UFC Primetime, his head trainer).

In other words, both JDS and his coach decided to PRETEND that Cain vs. JDS II never took place. They both allowed themselves to learn no lessons from that fight.

Both JDS and his trainers decided to PRETEND that the only reason JDS couldn't handle Cain's clinch game (in their 2nd fight) was because JDS was going through a "divorce" or because he was "over trained".

They literally used those excuses to CREATE A FALSE REALITY which allowed them to believe JDS's sprawl n brawl style could defeat anything.

But sprawl n brawl can't defeat wall n stall.

For you Cain huggers screaming that Cain didn't "stall".....don't get your panties in a bunch since it's just a figure of speech. Indeed Cain did more than stall along the wall but my point is that sprawl n brawl can't defend against a cage clinching game plan.

Watching UFC Primetime you can see both JDS and his coach repeatedly DELUDING themselves into believing that Cain can't take a punch and that their best chance to win is to land a single punch as Cain charged forward.

What a fucken joke!

Guess what? That's exactly the type of game plan you get when you rely on a PURELY BOXING COACH to formulate an MMA game plan.

Luiz Dorea should stick to boxing and stop trying to pretend he's an MMA game planner. He ain't.

JDS should have devoted a full year (or more) to working with the world's best Muay Thai clinch fighters, working on vicious knees and elbows.

JDS' take down defense isn't the problem since he stuffs most take downs and gets up fast from the other ones.

His problem is an inability to win clinch battles or break free from them quickly, or to do damage with knees and elbows the way that Overeem does from the clinch. JDS needs to become a clinch fighting monster and that takes a lot of training and time.

If JDS had Overeem's vicious clinch strikes then Cain wouldn't dare clinch with him like that. Easier said than done sure, but my point is still valid.

But JDS is so obsessed with his BOXING skills that he'll never open his mind up to new ways of training.

JDS has so much loyalty to Luiz Dorea that he's too afraid to leave that camp to train with a top notch Muay Thai gym.

He needs to fire Luiz Dorea and hire Miriam Nakamoto to handle his next training camp. :-)

But JDS is too fucken loyal to his current coaches to EVER consider doing anything different.


Good riddance. His obsession with boxing was both his strongest weapon and his downfall.

Who gives a fuck if boxing got him to the #2 position in the world. The point is he's STUCK in that position until he abandons his BOXING OBSESSED style and learns a few new tricks.

I'm no longer a fucken fan of yours JDS.

You deserved your beat down and good luck being the new HW gate keeper all because you were too proud to fucken learn new skills.

If you're still a JDS fan after reading this article, I've got 2 words for you:


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