DC Has Nothing for Jonny Bones. He'll Get Wrecked.

Daniel Cormier is selling wolf tickets.

He says he wants a fast title shot (by beating a top contender) but everybody knows he's got NOTHING for Jonny Bones.

Fat Man has ZERO for Bones.

He's all bark no bite.

Wow, he beat another fat man named Nelson. Big Whoop.

He beat a guy who lost to Mir, Miocic and Werdum. Wow. Talk about title shot material.

...Oh, and DC couldn't even FINISH Nelson, he was too much of a coward to attempt that. So how's he gonna compete with Jonny Bones?

I mean, he had organ trouble the last time he tried to diet down to 211.

He's never even tried to get to 205 with his current FAT BODY so nobody knows how much strength and speed he'll retain when his body goes into a depleted state.

Yeah..... he could hire Dolce but that still doesn't guarantee he'll retain much strength, speed or endurance at the lower weight IF his current FAT BODY just doesn't take to the new weight very well.

DC is the proverbial fat man.

He could literally seek out endorsements from Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme and be their pitch man if he ever becomes champ. He could easily seek out endorsements from KFC and Taco Bell if he becomes champ. His beer belly might come in useful for beer company endorsements.

Let's face it, we all know that Jonny Bones will WRECK his ass if they ever step into the same Octagon to Tango together.

I think Jonny Bones will wind up owning him and turning him into his personal bitch.

That said, I think Dana is being stupid by setting up a potential Gus v DC fight because the LHW division has very few contenders and why should he eliminate one contender when he doesn't have to?

Even though I think DC will get owned, he's still a possible contender for Bones, one that the public will believe in without laughing their asses off.

Outisde of Gus there are no possible contenders at LHW from the public's perspective.

Hendo is a shell of his former self and a loser who will gas out in a 5 round event. His arms are too damn short for Bones. He'll never even get close enough to land a jab.

Rashad has become a defensive "borefest" who already lost to Bones. All he cares about is surviving, not winning.

Machida has nothing for Bones and is coming off a loss.

Lil nog was never a contender and still isn't.

Shogun is a beaten down former champ who will never be champ again.

Bader just got KTFO.

Phil Davis just doesn't have the boxing to mix it up with anybody who can stop his take downs (he can only win against non wrestlers).

So why the FUCK would Dana put the ONLY 2 possible contenders against each other and thereby eliminate one of them? WTF?

I really don't like Bones and I hope he gets beaten down by Glover, but let's face it, that's not likely to happen. Glover will probably get taken down and carved up with hellbows and turned into a bloody creature who could star in a horror movie.

That said... I think DC (aka the Fat Man) might barely outpoint Gus via a boring wall n stall borefest. Gus has shown great take down defense but Fat Man knows how to wall n stall and I'm not sure Gus is ready for Olympic level clinching along the wall.

I say FUCK a match between Gus v. DC.

It doesn't need to happen. Fuck that shit.

I think Gus should be FED somebody of lesser caliber, like Moose Saucy or maybe Darth Bader. Just an appetizer that he can devour while waiting to FUCK UP Jonny Bones for a 2nd time. Let's face it, after their first fight Gus was basically turning Jonny Bones into his personal bitch for the first 19 minutes of that fight. Jonny Bones has never been turned into anybody's bitch (before he met Gus) so I think that's a great rematch to make.

For the fans who say Gus v. DC must happen because that's the most "competitive" fight...

Well, I got two words for you: FUCK & YOU.

Go eat shit you holier than thou motherfuckers. :-)

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