MKL finale results.




to the final result of the inaugural season. Thank you all for joining in and making this new concept a success. I think it went without any hitches and the scoring system seems to have proved fair and consistent. I mean, Joben missed the first event and was in with a shout of winning the season before the event started. Even more impressive is the fact that Pablo missed the first two event, and was also in the running. So I think its fair to say, it's never over til it's over.

And now it's over, and we have come full circle.

Finishing just how he started, by winning the first event, MMA Boss proves, that he truly is the Boss. Taking maximum points last night was enough for him to be crowned our inaugural champion.

With 17 paid players, making a prize pool of $85, congratulation go to MMA Boss!


Event winner:

Averaging an impressive 102.8 points per fighter, here is how MMA Boss got the job done:


Congrats bud, excellent work!

Top 10 for round 5:

Some very good scoring last night. Unlucky to Oilcheck with a score I can only imagine would win the event on any other given night. Top stuff lads!


Points score:

With Hemmi and Tripilch both failing to score any points last night, no player scored in every round. With Tripilch, it proved disastrous, as he was the league leader last week. In fairness, Joben could have made points in each round, but was not around for the first event, which ultimately proved costly. Valiant effort nonetheless. The next season I'm sure will look a tad different, when hopefully we have a full rota who all pick from the start.

In saying that however, MMA Boss only scored in 3 rounds...


Final League table:


Bons' Freeroll result:

As you may, or may not have been aware of, but I also run a special freeroll last night, where I promised the top 3 players free entry to the next season. Rather handily, the top 3 tied their scores and all get into the new season.

Unlucky Letstalk.

ViolentMike has already paid his fee, so he is in credit.

Congrats lads. Who dafuq is WebbMMA?


Next season.

The new season starts next saturday, the Machida v Munoz event. I'm going to run this season just as I did the last, $5-5 events. After that, it will be $10-10 events.

Players confirmed or have shown interest so far:

  1. MMA Boss
  2. WebbMMA
  3. ViolentMike
  4. Jelly_Belly
  5. Bons
  6. Pablo
  7. Joben
  8. Diazweedman
  9. Mr G Smith
  10. VHW
  11. OilCheck
  12. Rilly
  13. Aussie
  14. Mohamed
  15. Hemmi
  16. Letstalk
  17. Phasebook
  18. Ninja

So if ye could start sending payment via PP to, that be great. Thank you.

That leaves 2 places, so if your names not on that list, please let me know.

As a rule, previous players who are not on the list will have priority, as I may have just missed your confirmation/interest:

  • JonnyBoy
  • Plainview
  • D*Locc

Remember though, 20 players max.

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of this tournament.

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