Sorry for the late post guys so im just goIng to get right into it. Well almost real quick I want to point out that the colts steamrolled this week and are quite enjoying the accuisition of trent richardson.

The Matchups:

Diazsweedman vs Pballinboxer:p I bested pballin this week with a score of 175.2 to 150.13. Despite having santana moss lay a goose egg i posted the weeks high score bein led by T.Gonzalez(38.9) and P.Manning(34.90 but i would also like to shout out to D.Woodhead(25.6) who i picked up off the waiver wire and has bee nothig but reliable. Pballinboxer was led by A.Gates(29.6) and R.Bush(27.3) but it sure wouldve been a nail bitter if he had played G.Jennings(24.2) who was stoyed away on the bench.

Rbf8489 vs JACardin:

JACardin came out on top in this matchup 153.97 to 143.13. JACardin was led this week by V.Cruz(32.4) who was new york's only real offensive producer and D.Thomas(29.6) who had a great game despite not hitting paydirt. Rbf put up a fight being led by T.Smith(27.6) and M.Ryan(26.03) but with K.Thompkins on the bench(24.7) it just wasnt enough.


TFK got this one 157.37 to 115.37. TFK was led by D.Brees and W.Welker for a combined 67.57 points. OJR did his best but with only one player going for more than twenty points (a.peterson 26.0) and three of his normal starters on a bye week there just wasn't much he could do.


This matchup was all LetsTalk after having four players go for more than twenty being led by A.Foster(29.1) and D.Bryant(26.1). LetsTalk alo posted D.Bryant was up for trade this week in our message boards for anyone with receiver woes. BDUBBS hung in there while he could but having six players underperform its just tough to get a win. BDUBBS was led by R.Wayne(21) and A.Johnson(20).

MMA Boss vs Doonerthesooner

MMA Boss ran away with this one 174.93 to 117.27. The boss was led by D.Sproles(31.2) and M.Forte(22.7) but also had four other players go for 18+ points. Dooner was yet another team struck by underacheiving players as he was led by J.Graham(26) and D.Bowe(15.8) but with six missing their mark and one goose egg(R.Broyles) he just didnt have much to offer.

Overall Notes:

This week brought in the highest total points production for a single week with 1463.21 points.

Top Payers:





Colts Defense-23

Bdubbs had the biggest bench stash this week with Alshon Jeffery going for 26.4 points.

Next Weeks Matchups:

Diazsweedman vs MMA Boss

Rbf8489 vs Pballinboxer

TFK vs JACardin(This week's matchup to watch)


Doonerthesooner vs LetsTalkMMA

League Standings:

1-JACardin 4-0

2-Diazsweedman 3-1

3-LetsTalkMMA 3-1

4-TFK 2-2

5-MMA Boss 2-2

6-BDUBBS 2-2

7-Doonerthesooner 2-2

8-Rbf8489 1-3

9-Pballinboxer 1-3

10-OJR 0-4

So thats it for this week again sorry bout the late post but I think we'll all get over it and lets all hope that OJR picks up a win this week because nobody deserves to be winless in fantasy football especially when they are the commish.MMA Boss...PREPARE FOR WAR!!!!!!!!!

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