Vitor Belfort: Jon Jones revolutionize MMA

Yes we know it but many don't just want to admit it. Ladies and gentlemen, we are in the Jon Jones era.



In a recent interview conducted by Brazilian sport media Vitor Belfort, a former LHW champion and veteran of the sport sang high praises of the champ warrior spirit after an epic battle in UFC 165. While not taking away anything from his opponent, Vitor believed it wasn't a contradictory decision.

"I saw three rounds for Gustafsson , but Jon Jones is the champion , did not think was very contradictory ," said the Brazilian, who is preparing to face Dan Henderson at UFC Goiânia , on November 9.

At UFC 165 , the Swedish heavy handed boxer Gustafsson took the fight to Jones, besides using his wingspan well to punish the face of Jones , The swede was the first fighter to take the champion down throughout his UFC career . Jones had a great time in the fourth round, when he gave a spinning elbow that rocked the challenger and pressed almost to get the knockout . After spamming head kicks and spinning elbows like something straight out of Undisputed 3 video game, the victory came on points.

Vitor point out that only at a young age, Jones has done it all and have nothing else to prove again in the sport.

" It was an important fight , but Jon Jones has a lot to prove . He has proved everything. He kept his focus ," praised Belfort .

"I greatly admire Jon Jones , I think he revolutionized MMA , brought a different style . He overcomes every fight, overcomes fear , overcome your obstacles , has a great camp , a great coach , that is ( Greg ) Jackson . I admire them , they have done much for the sport . "

Done well for the sport he has. After being the first MMA fighter to bring in major blue chip sponsors to the sport with Gatorade and Nike, one can can hardly dispute the fact that Jones has contribute immensely to the growth of Mix Martial Arts

Jon Jones will be taking on a fighter ridding an eight years undefeated momentum, Brazilian knockout machine and BJJ black belt Glover Teixeira on February Super Bowl weekend on what will be his seventh consecutive title defense. A feat that has never been attempted in MMA LHW history.

Will Jones prevail? Or will the brutal reign of Glover Teixeira continue?

Stay tuned.

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