UFC Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18 episode 5 results recap for 'Team Rousey vs. Team Tate' on FOX Sports 1


Tonight, brace yourself for a special guest appearance from Ronda Rousey's mom, the struggles of weight cutting and the next elimination fight between Lois Fissette and David Grant.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is back for episode five of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 18: "Team Rousey vs. Team Tate," which gets underway at the TUF house with a giant Q-Tip being jammed up Roxanne Modafferi's nose by Jessica Rakoczy, the person she lost to last week on episode four.

See how that all went down here.

David Grant and Louis Fisette chum it up inside the house and talk about how they, as professionals, must put aside their camaraderie when it comes time to step into the Octagon to sling leather. Then out of nowhere, we get a close-up of Raquel Pennington talking about her life as a gay fighter.

Shayna Baszler says she doesn't have any answers.

Moving on...

We get back to Grant and he's on dream street talking about his girlfriend and kids. He has one of those gentlemanly accents that makes everything sound polite and endearing, even when he's talking about kicking somebody's ass inside the cage.

Coach Rousey is impressed with his ability -- as a striker -- to capitalize on submissions.

Back inside the house, the girls play truth or dare and Anthony Gutierrez is named as the hottest guy on the show. Julianna Pena follows that up to say he's also the ugliest, because of his attitude. Then somebody else picks "dare" and has to use a cheesy pick-up line on Roxy, who we learn can give as good as she can get.

Gutierrez picks "truth" and pegs Fisette as the competition's weakest link, due to his loss in the elimination round and subsequent call back following another contestant's injury. Naturally, that kind of label renders him butt-hurt and they argue over semantics.


Fisette hits the gym and talks about growing up as a nice guy, staying out of trouble and learning mixed martial arts (MMA) from a friend. Coach Tate believes Grant is not well-rounded enough as a fighter to win and we see random clips of Fisette training.

Chris Holdsworth is having trouble staying away from all the junk food in the house, especially with Pena cooking up all kinds of savory dishes. Gutierrez is "not a fatass" and is walking around at 150 pounds with no concerns about making weight.

By comparison, Cody Bollinger is clomping around at 157.

Grant has a bunch of extra baggage to get rid of so he's filling up the bathtub with Epsom salt, which looks like fun. Speaking of fun, here comes Ronda Rousey's mom, who as a former Judo world champion, is popping in to lend her knowledge about combat sports.

"Rowdy" shares war stories about life under her mom's regime, which sounds like it was quite the picnic.

They kick it back over to the TUF house and Fisette is moping in a beach chair, which prompts a quick pep talk from Holdsworth. Later that night, Rousey and her mom swing by with ice cream and advice for Grant, who can't eat any of the creamy dairy goodness.

Poor chap.

Coach Tate sneaks into the opposing team's locker room to deliver a little action figure that looks like Count Dracula to tease Edmond, Rousey's head coach, because of his unibrow. Ronda's mom tells them to (creatively) get revenge, but it turns out Ronda already promised UFC President Dana White she would not pursue the feud after the Dennis Hallman incident from last week.

Instead, she promises revenge at UFC 168.

Both fighters make weight without incident and we get final thoughts from each contestant prior to them stepping into the cage which considering how late the show is running, means we aren't going to the judges' scorecards. But who will prevail in the battle of bantamweights?

Let's find out.

Elimination fight #4: Louis Fisette (Team Tate) vs. David Grant (Team Rousey):

Round 1: Touch of gloves and hard leg kick by Grant. Then another. Grant comes in like a bull in a china shop and Fisette covers up against the cage. They clinch and Louis reverses but can't get the takedown. Grant opens up and then slams Fisette to the ground. The Brit postures and drops a few bombs. Tate screaming for Fisette to put his "feet on the hips" but she's getting ignored. Grant continues to beat him up and spins around for an armbar. Louis defends and is able to get top position -- only to lose it in a scramble. Grant plants him on the floor and goes back to work with the ground-and-pound. Fisette has no answer. Now he's eating a ton of elbows and somehow survives until the bell. 10-8 Grant.

Round 2: Gloves touch and Fisette rushes for a takedown. Grant picks him up and gives him a body slam -- right into side control. Tate screaming "You can do it Louey!" as he's turtled up against the cage getting blasted into oblivion. Fisette gives up his back and gets choked out with ease.

Grant def. Fisette via submission (rear naked choke)

After the fight, Grant says something while breathing heavy and I can't translate it. Sorry. Fisette is bummed for letting down his team, as well as everyone who believed in him, but it was pretty clear that he was grotesquely outmatched from bell-to-bell.

Here's the updated TUF 18 roster.

Team Rousey:

Jessamyn Duke
Peggy Morgan
Jessica Rakoczy
David Grant
Michael Wootten
Shayna Baszler
Chris Beal
Anthony Gutierrez

Team Tate:

Roxanne Modafferi
Raquel Pennington
Julianna Pena
Sarah Moras
Louis Fisette
Josh Hill
Chris Holdsworth
Cody Bollinger

Rousey comes out and picks Jessamyn Duke vs. Raquel Pennington for episode six, a match-up Coach Tate "really likes." Stay tuned next week as the gang takes a field trip to Green Valley Ranch, Raquel and Sarah get makeovers and of course, the epic female elimination fight.

See you in seven!

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