MMAmania FFB B League Week 6

Welcome to our sixth installment of these fantasy recaps and wha a week it was so lets get right into it.

Matchups Recap:

Diazsweedman vs Rbf8489: Diazsweedman picked up the win in this one 127.13 to 91.0. AS far as i can tell Rbf is the only person in the league who isnt attempting to set their lineup and has probably just given up. Although I still wouldve beat TFK's bitch ass so thats whats important.

TFK vs LetsTalkMMA: TFK squeaked ot a win with a score of 121.67 to 100.9. This was TFK's fourth straight win while he snapped a four game streak for LetsTalk. TFK was led by J.Charles(29.8) while letstalk suffered from having four players under 5 points with one of them being a goose egg from the houston defense.

OJR vs JACardin: OJR notched his second straight win outpointing former league leader 110.67 to 96.4. Led by a monster game K.Moreno(35.4) OJR has found himsel on a mission midway through the season. Meanwhile JAC has dropped two straight and needs to get back on track before it gets out of control.

BDUBBS vs doonerthesooner: BDUBBS completely controlled this one scoring 184.47 to 128.87. Being led by V.Davis(38.) it was simply to much for dooner with J.Graham laying an egg. Dooner has now lost four straight while BDUBBS steps up to fifth place overall.

pballinboxer vs MMABoss

: In our closest game of the week pballin edged out MMABoss 142.27 to 138.2 by putting up the second highest points total this week. Being led by V.Jackson(32.4) pballin was ultimately saved by T.Romo on monday scoring a low 8.67 points but thats all he needed late in the week.

Highest scoring players of the week:






Kansas City Defense-26.0

Biggest bench stash:

BDUBBS had the biggest stashed player despite winning anyway with K.Rudolph scoring 24.7 unused points.

Next Week's Matchups:

RBf8489 vs OJR

TFK vs doonerthesooner

JACardin vs MMA Boss

Diazsweedman vs BDUBBS

pballinboxer vs LetsTalkMMA

League Rankings:

1-Diazsweedman 5-1 969.23pts

2-LetsTalkMMA 4-2 838.56pts

3-TFK 4-2 900.87pts

4-JACardin 4-2 757.63pts

5-BDUBBS 3-3 872.67pts

6-pballinboxer 3-3 790.44pts

7-MMA Boss 2-4 843.6pts

8-OJR 2-4 752.87pts

9-doonerthesooner 2-4 727.48pts

10-Rbf8489 1-5 751.96pts

Despite me and TFK bickering about who's better nobody is really out of the hunt in our league except Rbf who seems to hve given up on his team but everyone else still has a clear shot at the playoffs and once there its like a whole new season so keep do research and make your picks wisely.

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