ADCC 2013: Rousimar Palhares blows off Beijing invite, removed from submission tournament line up

Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Great news for any and all ADCC competitors looking to leave China under their own power.

Wagner Gomes, the secretary of Abu Dhabi Combat Club (ADCC) in Brazil, has made several phone calls to former Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) welterweight Rousimar Palhares, but hasn't been able to get through.

It's not that "Toquinho" doesn't want to talk, he just doesn't know how to take someone off hold.

Ba-dum-dum, tish!

The world's most prestigious submission fighting tournament is all set to pop off this weekend (Oct. 19 & 20) at Di Tan Sports Centre in Beijing, China. Palhares becomes the second high-profile mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter (behind this guy) to be removed from the upcoming line up.

Gomes explains (via MMA Fighting):

"He said he would fight depending on how his fight (with Pierce) went. I sent him several messages, but he didn't respond. They wanted him there, but he didn't reply to any of my messages or calls."

Palhares is likely too upset to show his face after getting drawn and quartered by the combat sports community following his submission fiasco against Mike Pierce last week at UFC Fight Night 29 in Brazil (watch it). His violation of the promotion's code of conduct cost him his job under the ZUFFA banner.

And likely everywhere else.

Time heals all wounds, including those suffered by Pierce. But for now, Palhares (who says he's sorry) is not going to be doing any work inside the cage or on the mat (where he holds a similar reputation), which subsequently shuffled the current ADCC 2013 line up.

See for yourself.

-65.9 kg
1. Rafael Mendes - Brazil
2. Timo Juhani Hirvikangas - Finland
3. Darson Hemmings - Canada
4. Robert Sabaruddin - Australia
5. Joao Miyao - Brazil
6. Mark Ramos - USA
7. Yuta Sasaki - Japan
8. Rubens Charles - Brazil
9. Nicolas Renier - France
10. Yoshioka Takahito - Japan
11. Baret Yoshida - USA
12. Ricardo Vieira - Brazil
13. Augusto Mendes - Brazil
14. Justin Rader - USA
15. Tetsu Suzuki - Japan

-76.9 kg
1. Kron Gracie - Brazil
2. Tero Pyylampi - Finland
3. AJ Agazarm - USA
4. Youngnam Noh - Korea
5. Leonardo Nogueira - Brazil
6. Gary Tonon- USA
7. Sotaro Yamada - Japan
8. Andy Wang - Taiwan
9. Ben Henderson - USA
10. JT Torres - USA
11. Leo Vieira - Brazil
12. Satoru Kitaoka - Japan
13. Eduardo Rios - Norway
14. Lucas Lepri - Brazil
15. DJ. Jackson - USA

-87.9 kg
1. Lucas Leite - Brazil
2. Oskar Piechota - Poland
3. Keen Cornelius - USA
4. Doorwang Jeon - Korea
5. Claudio Calazans - Brazil
6. Josh Hayden - USA
7. Shinsho Anzai - Japan
8. Rustam Chsiev - Russia
9. Rafael Lavato Jr. - USA
10. Clark Gracie - USA
11. David Avellan - USA
12. Romulo Barral - Brazil
13. Kim Dong - Korea
14. Rodrigo Caporal - Brazil
15. Pablo Popovitch - USA

-98.9 kg
1. Dean Lister - USA
2. Tomasz Narkun - Poland
3. Mikael Knutsson - Sweden
4. Allan Drueco - Philippines
5. Abdula Isaev - Dagestan
6. James Puopolo - USA
7. Yukiyasu Ozawa - Japan
8. Kamil Uminski - Poland
9. Cristiano Lazzarini - Brazil
10. Henry Jorge Martin Ottaviano - Argentina
11. Jeremy York - USA
12. Ezra Lenon - USA
13. Jia Jing yang - China
14. Joao Assis - Brazil
15. Leonardo Nogueira - Brazil

+99 kg
1. Vinny Magalhaes - Brazil
2. Antwain Britt - USA
3. Wang Yan Bo - China
4. Jared Dopp - USA
5. Michael Wilson - Australia
6. Robby Donofrio - USA
7. Hideki Sekine - Japan
8. Janne Pietilainen - Finland
9. Marcus Almeida "Buchecha" - Brazil
10. Kitner Mendoga - Brazil
11. Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu - Brazil
12. Orlando Sanchez - USA
13. Joao Gabriel de Olivera - Brazil
14. Mike Martelle - Canada
15. Amir Allam - USA

-60 kg
1. Yan Liu - China
2. Ana Michelle Tavares - Brazil
3. Nyjah Easton - USA
4. Laura Hondorp - Netherlands
5. Luanna Alzuguir - Brazil
6. Michelle Nicolini - Brazil
7. Seiko Yamamoto - Japan
8. Kristina Barlaan - USA

+60 kg
1. Gabrielle Garcia - Brazil
2. Fernanda Mazelli - Brazil
3. Tara White - USA
4. Yurika Nakakura - Japan
5. Ida Hansson - Sweden
6. Maria Malyjasiak - Poland
7. Penny Thomas - South Africa
8. Tammy Griego - Brazil

Braulio Estima - Brazil
Andre Galvao - Brazil
Mario Sperry - Brazil
Fabio Gurgel - Brazil

Stay tuned for more ADCC 2013 news, notes and results in the coming days. In the meantime, check out all the fallout from UFC Fight Night 29 by clicking here.

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