MMAmania FFB A League Week 6 Recap

We are pretty much at the midway point of the fantasy football regular season. If you are one of the teams near the bottom, you gotta start winning now if you want to make a run at the playoffs. And if you are THE team at the bottom, Shiv, its really time to start winning or you will be stuck with TFK and the B League.

Top 5 Fantasy Performers for Week 6

1. Vernon Davis - 38.00 - Puck Head

2. Knowshon Moreno - 35.40 - ViolentMike

3. Cam Newton - 35.07 - Deuce

4. Nick Foles - 34.07 - Free Agent

5. Justin Blackmon - 33.00 - John G

Week 6 Matchups

ViolentMike - 181.67

Buster Bluth - 119.67

ViolentMike registered the highest score this week to rape Buster Bluth 181.67 - 119.67. This matchup was never close. Jamaal Charles led Buster Bluth with 29.80 points while Andre Johnson brought in 15.80. It's actually quite shocking that ViolentMike scored 181 points despite Jimmy Graham putting up a goose egg and Dez Bryant being 10 points below projection. ViolentMike was led by Knowshon Moreno (35.40), Matt Stafford (29.87), Kansas City D (26), Keenan Allen (25.70) and Andre Ellington (20.20). Thats a lot of fucking leaders. ViolentMike (4-2, 878.97 points) climbs into fourth place (trailing Puck Head by 9 points) while Buster Bluth (3-3, 785.27 points) stays in sixth place.

John G - 143.03

Shiv - 108.77

In a battle of two of the worst teams in the league, John G benefited from two big individual performances from Justin Blackmon (33.00 points) and the St. Louis Rams Defense (29.00) to get the win over Shiv 143.03 - 108.77. John G hit their projections and scored 9.7% more points than projected (130.39). Shiv got just 84.3% of a projected 128.99 points. Shiv saw their scoring drop substantially this week. Adding insult to injury, Shiv Cecil Shorts put up a goose egg and left due to injury. John G (2-4, 703.06 points) inches up to 10th place and Shiv (1-5, 793.07 points) sinks into last place.

TripPilch - 92.77

GriffinFan - 71.70

Where do I even start??? Well, speaking of matchups between two of the worst teams, here is another. One of these teams could end up in last place and end up looking back at this game as the reason they are or aren't in the league next year. But winning with under 100 points??? When you score less than 100 points and win, it shouldn't even count. ViolentMike's 181.67 points was enough to beat GriffinFan and Trip combined. GriffinFan had Gronk put of a goose egg, because well, he didn't play. An hour before kickoff, GriffnFan picked up Kyle Rudolph but never put him in his lineup. He went onto score 24.7 points and would have easily gotten him the win... TripPilch averages 124.84 points per matchup on the season, and won with just 74.3% of that. It was a painful outing for GriffinFan05, who fell to 2-4 (641.35 points) after coming up dead last in points. Giovani Bernard led TripPilch in scoring this week with 22.00 points. Also of note, Amendola (GriffinFan) went down again and Randall Cobb (Trip) is out for 6-8 weeks.

Deuce: 143.47

Puck Head: 137.67

In a battle of two of the better teams thus far, Deuce squeaks by. Deuce02 is now coming out on top with regularity after winning their fourth straight. Vernon Davis racked up the highest score in the league this week with 38.00 points for Puck Head. Deuce02 (5-1, 862.54 points) climbs into second place (that is 2nd place from the top, not 2nd to last) while Puck Head (4-2, 887.38 points) drops to third place.

Joben: 122.43

donkeypunch: 93.90

Joben took down donkeypunch 122.43 - 93.30 led by Vincent Jackson who registered 32.40 points and Reggie Bush who scored 24.50. 122 is pretty weak for a victory and proves that Joben's team is Peyton Manning or bust. He just happened to get lucky and be facing donkey this week who simply can't find any answers, having lost their last four. On the other hand, Joben is headed in the opposite direction after winning their fourth straight. donkeypunch was done in by a drop in scoring from last week's 168.60 - 126.47 loss against Shiv. donkeypunch (2-4, 738.00 points) drops to ninth place and Joben (5-1, 933.03 points) remains in first place.

BJPennfan: 115.50

Kevin: 90.50

In another pathetically low scoring mathcup, BJPennfan (3-3, 770.83 points) got the win over kevin (3-3, 820.96 points) 115.50 - 90.50, led by Marshawn Lynch with 31.50 points and Josh Gordon who had 19.60.Jericho Crotchery put up a goose egg for Kev. Nothing to see here, moving on.


Rank Team W-L-T Div
Pts For Pts Agnst Streak Waiver Moves

Division 1

1 avatar Joben 5-1-0 3-1-0 933.03 784.70 W-4 8 5
4 avatar ViolentMike 4-2-0 3-1-0 878.97 812.71 W-1 9 12
6 avatar Buster Bluth 3-3-0 2-2-0 785.27 805.53 L-2 2 13
8 avatar TripPilch 2-4-0 1-3-0 749.07 802.44 W-1 12 19
9 avatar donkeypunch 2-4-0 2-2-0 738.00 822.37 L-4 10 7
11 avatar GriffinFan05 2-4-0 1-3-0 641.35 726.96 L-1 4 10

Division 2

2 avatar Deuce02 5-1-0 3-1-0 862.54 702.44 W-4 3 3
3 avatar Puck Head 4-2-0 2-2-0 887.38 777.20 L-1 5 12
5 avatar Mania's Pete Rose 3-3-0 3-1-0 820.96 820.73 L-3 1 3
7 avatar BJPennfan 3-3-0 3-1-0 770.83 765.43 W-1 6 9
10 avatar John G 2-4-0 1-3-0 703.06 838.58 W-2 7 12
12 avatar Shiv 1-5-0 0-4-0 793.07 904.44 L-1 11 12

Week 7 Preview

Current projections are in parenthesis

ViolentMike (136.47) vs TripPilch (125.99)

Puck Head (129.24) vs Shiv (125.76)

Joben (141.22) vs GriffinFan (102.14 needs a RB and WR)

Deuce (125.32) vs BJPennfan (110.71 needss a WR and Kicker)

Buster Bluth (141.73) vs donkeypunch (135.00)

John G (131.89) vs Kevin (111.78 needs a kicker)

That's all I got this week. See you in the comments. Oh, and if you have twitter, follow me. Deuce and Joben will tell you below just how great if feels to click on the FOLLOW VIOLENTMIKE button.

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