UFC 166's Junior dos Santos can beat either Klitschko brother in boxing match if given four months to prepare

Boris Streubel

Junior dos Santos is pretty confident he has what it takes to defeat either one of the Klitschko brothers in a boxing match. In fact, "Cigano" claims he only needs a four-month, all-boxing camp to get the job done.

Current Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Light Heavyweight champion Jon Jones doesn't stand a chance against current Heavyweight boxing champion Wladmir Klitschko or his brother, Vitali, in a straight up boxing match, according to Joe Rogan.

But, what about former Heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos?

"Cigano" is often regarded as the best striker in the division -- perhaps even all of mixed martial arts (MMA); therefore, a match up against one of the Klitschko brothers might be a bit more competitive than one that featured "Bones" against either of the heavy-handed Ukrainians.

In fact, dos Santos has so much confidence in his hands that he feels can beat either one of them inside the squared circle. Furthermore, "Cigano" claims he would need jus four months to prepare and accomplish his lofty goal.

The Brazilian broke it down during his recent appearance on "The MMA Hour," revealing that unlike other MMA fighters who say they want to get into professional boxing, he actually means it.

His words:

"I'm a boxing guy, you know, I love to box with my training partners. Now, everybody wants to fight with a boxing guy. It's become, I don't know, not very serious you know. When I say that it, I say it serious, I would love to box. I have never talked (to UFC), but, actually, I did talk to Dana a little bit once but it wasn't a serious talk. Next time I have the opportunity, I will do that (talk to Dana more serious)."

When asked how long he thinks it would take to prepare for either of the Klitschko brothers, dos Santos didn't hesitate in his response.

"If they give me four months to get prepared, I can beat him. That's it. I used to train boxing a lot. In the beginning of my camp, all my camps, I do just boxing you know. I love to train boxing and I think I have enough skills in boxing. I know how to see a good fight in boxing, so four months, that is what I need."

That's quite an ambitious prediction, considering Wladimir hasn't been defeated in nearly a decade and Vitali's last loss came seven years ago. And that defeat came at the hands of Lennox Lewis, a former champion who has dedicated his entire life to the "Sweet Science."

For now, dos Santos has his eyes on reclaiming the top prize in his sport when he takes on current 265-pound kingpin Cain Velasquez for the third time this weekend (Oct. 19, 2013) at UFC 166 in Houston, Texas.

And you can bet he'd love nothing more than to prove he does have the skills in his hands to compete with an elite boxer by knocking out Velasquez one more time, tying a definitive ribbon around their trilogy.

But, even then, will that be enough to convince you he can hang with a Klitschko, much less defeat one with a just a four-month camp?

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