New "Rule" to bring into the UFC after UFN 29

Well well well, lets get to the point about what and how to fix the problem with the main evert of UFN 29.

For all that is holy bring that son of a bitch back, I'm sick of reading about(since i missed ufn29) and watching wrestlers kill time in top position.

I literally read the play by play to Damian Maia vs Jake Shields and their was nothing there, and we all know GSP's fights look no different these days, so maybe Dana needs to do something that will entice these lazy pricks to do something other than smother.

Does no one watch Jones on the ground, Cain Velasquez, old Roger Huerta, old BJ Penn, these guys know how to fuck shit up on the ground.

I am purposely not watching the gsp card just for the fact that hes on it, and i'm not giving him my money anymore(free at Boston pizza but whatever you get it). I don't buy ppv's at home but if i do it'll be the Bellator ppv, and Cain Velasquez vs Junior Dos Santos ppv which to me is the next Ali vs Frazier 3.

Start hurting Shields, Askrens, and GSP's bank account and things will change, or maybe ol Diaz can make a Wrestling heavy mma event called "wrestle fighting" or as i like to call it "I'm a sissy and don't like getting punched in the face fighting championship"

I think i can speak for everyone and say that stalling is terrible for mma, since the referee's don't know how to deal with it; since its not as easy as boxing. Cause if you were at the last MFC event with Smilin Sam Alvey, he stalled atleast 10 mins in his corner in the clinch.... and i was so fucking bored i played candy crush.


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