2012 awards

Ethan Miller takes a look back at the top names in FanPosts, FanShots and Comments. Who did work and who came up lame?

Bag it and tag it, Maniacs, as 2012 is finally in the books.

It's actually been in the books for over a week, but I was too busy posting pictures of Rachelle Leah's ass to compile all these stats. Nostradumbass might've moved slow, but it was only because Nostradumbass didn't have to move for anybody.

It's time to look back at all the busy little beavers from 2012. set a bunch of records over the past 12 months and we couldn't have done it without you, the readers. With that in mind, we've churned out a list of who did work in 2012 and who mailed it in. If you're name is on this list, congratulations, you need a hobby.

Drumroll please...

Most FanPosts:

Also known as the "I have something on my mind, but don't feel like proofreading it" award.

James Goyder 223
Lesnar's striking coach 92
Motmaitre 66 (Kyu's legacy lives on!)
unambig 65
Jesse Holland 50
wolfman13 36
Phasebook 34
tap or snap bons 33
wooly shambler 29
Kimurasweden 27

Asian invasion FTW! Before he slept his way to the top, our own James Goyder was keeping it real in the FanPosts section. Real Asian! Seriously, without his tireless efforts, would we have any idea what ONE FC was up to? Probably not.

Most FanShots:

Also known as the "I'm too lazy to write an actual post, so here's a funny meme you won't see because the new Mania layout is too difficult to decipher" award.

Jesse Holland 238
Thomas Myers 76
lordrelay 69
Geno Mrosko 53
Elitex10x 32
MMANytt - Jenkinson 26
Brian Hemminger 26
AaronTru 22
R.T. 18
ThePeople'sChamp 17

Suck it, bitches. Thanks to me, you have all sorts of wonderful FanShots to look at. Unfortunately, I can't remember a single one, which is why I've failed to hyperlink any text. I guess they weren't so great after all. Either that, or I was just padding the numbers.

Most Comments:

Also known as the "My job clearly has no clue what I'm up to all day" award.

The Pride 17,187
unambig 14,915
Ninja Oreo Dollop 12,645
Ulf Murphy 12,635
Jonnyboy6969 12,144
ShivanTiger 10,531
Deuce02 9,395
wooly shambler 9,062
OilCheck 8,846


No smarmy remarks from me on this one. This is what I call loyalty! It's nice to see our Maniacs keeping busy on a daily basis, though if you took the arguing out of these numbers, they'd probably be triple digits. So too, would our monthly hits, so keep fighting!

Great job everybody and keep it coming for 2013.

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