Flyweight showdown: Louis Gaudinot wants Jussier da Silva in Japan (or anywhere else)

Joe Camporeale-US PRESSWIRE

UFC flyweight and veteran of The Ultimate Fighter season 14 Louis Gaudinot is coming off a very impressive win over Brazilian John Lineker, but he's got another Brazilian in his sights, the former number one ranked flyweight in the world Jussier da Silva. Find out why he wants this fight so badly below.

It's not often that two fighters try to play matchmaker. More often than not, you'll hear, "I'll fight whoever the UFC puts in front of me," when asking a fighter who they want next.

But that's not the case with UFC flyweights Jussier da Silva and Louis Gaudinot.

It started this past Saturday when Gaudinot heard through the grapevine that his name had been brought up as a potential opponent by da Silva in a Brazilian news outlet. "Good Night" was quick to answer the challenge and the stakes were raised, da Silva asking to fight him in Japan with Gaudinot accepting the offer.

The Tiger Schulmann-trained fighter explained his reasoning during a guest appearance on The Verbal Submission last night.

"Well basically I'm looking for that fight that's gonna get me closer to that title shot, help me move up the rankings. Everyone else that's supposed to be ahead of me in the rankings has a fight right now. Benavidez and McCall are supposed to fight each other and Dodson and Johnson, they're obviously fighting for the title at the end of the month so the only other guy in the UFC that's ranked ahead of me that's ranked ahead of me is "Formiga." He was looking for an opponent so I said, 'Let's do it.'"

With the UFC still lacking depth in the flyweight division, Gaudinot could be poised to enter serious title contention

"I think it would just be a good fight overall. He's dangerous on the ground. He's probably the best submission guy on the ground in the flyweight division. Obviously I would want to keep it standing so it would be a bit of that grappler vs. striker dynamic which is always exciting. He's looking to fight in Japan and I've never fought there before and I think it would be kind of cool. Maybe a bit of a pain in the ass with the long flight there, but why not? Let's do it!"

Just to make sure that Dana White and the UFC matchmakers get the message, Gaudinot made one last plea before ending his appearance on the show:

"Just all the fans out there listening, tweet Dana White. Tweet Sean Shelby to make this happen. I think it's gonna be a great fight and could give the next number one contender. I'll do it wherever. I'll do it in Vegas, in Japan, in the April card in Jersey. I'd rather fight sooner but if they want to put me in my home state of Jersey that would be awesome. Let's get this buzzing and let's make it happen!"

If you want to help Gaudinot get his dream fight made, you can contact Sean Shelby and Dana White on twitter @SeanShelby and @DanaWhite.

Do you like the idea behind this potential scrap at 125 pounds? Do you agree with Gaudinot that it could decide the next title challenger, or does the winner McCall vs Benavidez have that locked down already?

Sound off!

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