If you hate the flyweights, you are correct

On the flyweight division:

"little people" have less punch resistance and can not generate the same amount of power in their punches as normal people that aren't vertically retarded (non-scientific term) (see study below).

as such, one has to ask themselves why the flyweights spend most of the time moving frantically about the octagon instead of fighting properly as they are paid to do ?

as scientifically, their vertically retarded (non-scientific term) opponents suffer the same lack of power as themselves, it is safe to assume then (due to their lack of punch resistance) that they are very afraid of getting knocked out - some might then say - "little cowards"

On the "technique" argument:


1.the manner and ability with which an artist, writer, dancer, athlete, or the like employs the technical skills of a particular art or field of endeavor.

the "field of endeavor" being a FIGHT and not a "dance" or a general spectacle of "bodily movement" (on a side note - how many midget ballet dancers do you see on stage???)

therefore, technique can only be considered as such - if they were actually generating considerable power in their punches which has already and unequivocally been disproved.

further reading:

British Journal of Sports Medicine 39 (2005): 710-719.) detailed the following:

'Weight class also showed good correlation with punch force, jaw force, HIC[Head Injury Criterion - Una], and head velocity.'

'Hand velocity did not seem to affect the severity of impact. This means the effective mass of the boxer’s punch is more important in increasing the severity of a blow.'

"midgets can't punch"

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