Boxing champion David Haye 'bets everything he has' on Cain Velasquez defeating Tyson Fury


Tyson Fury doesn't seem to be a very popular man among his fellow countrymen or fellow prized fighters. After Michael Bisping backed Cain Velasquez to defeat the 6' 9'' pugilist, boxing champion David Haye says he too, picks the UFC champion to defeat Fury. And he'll bet everything he has on him to get the job done.

British boxing contender Tyson Fury didn't get any love from his fellow Englishman, Michael Bisping, when he called out Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez; claiming he would smash the "midget" mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

Now, Fury isn't having any luck getting support from his fellow boxers, either.

David Haye, current World Boxing Association (WBA) Intercontinental and World Boxing Organization (WBO) International Heavyweight Champion, says if he had to pick a winner between Fury and Cain, he would bet everything he owns on the cage fighter to best the boxer.

Haye's words to Manchester Evening News:

"Maybe he's better at mixed martial arts than boxing, I don't know. But if I was a betting man, I'd bet everything I have that he'd lose. Tyson Fury is the Irish champion - if he feels he can call out world champions and the UFC champion then good luck, if that's how he wants to do it. He says he wants to beat the UFC champion - everyone knows it won't happen and he couldn't do it, but it's quite funny."

Haye, along with every other fight fan, believes Fury is dropping Cain's name just for the sake of publicity.

The heavy-handed boxer, Haye, recently came back from retirement -- after losing to Wladimir Klitschko in 2011, the only bout he's lost in his last 16 contests -- late last year to take on Dereck Chisora. The fight came to fruition after the two were involved in a melee that erupted in a near riot at a press conference.

Tyson, meanwhile, has since eased up on Cain, maybe because Velasquez challenged Fury to work his way up the UFC ladder if he wants a shot at his belt, and turned his attention to MMA washout, Bob Sapp.

No, Seriously.

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