SIG BETS - Get it together, Maniacs. PLEASE!

Ladies and Gents.

I need your help. Most of all, I need your input, Maniacs. One of the reasons I joined Mania were the often hilarious, witty, original and often brutal Sigs being handed out to the Sig bet loser. Some were memorable. Some were legendary. But since then, Sig bets are slowly but surely getting out of hand. Hell, even the silly fossils at BE are making fun of our Sig bet form.

Now, I don't rant and rave and complain often, but this is bullshit. The often long, boring and witless brain farts that's taking up valuable real estate on my PC/Mobile, is really annoying. To quote Unambig, "And you don't even have the damned common courtesy to be funny while you're sucking" I dont know about you, amigos, but i don't read anything that's more than one line, maybe two lines max. Anything more than that, is ridiculous and pointless.

In the recent live thread (UFC on Fox 6), Ricky Dooby was discussing with The Pride the terms of their Sig bet. And it caught my attention, because there really needs to be a Sig bet etiquette on Mania. Don't get me wrong, I, along with most of you, enjoy the freedom of speech that is bestowed upon us by the Mania Gods. But the current Sig bet form of late around here sucks balls. And something needs to be done about it. Pronto!

Someone, or everyone, needs to do something about it collectively. Help me end this nonsense!

If it were up to me, my rules would be simple. Like 1, 2, 3 simple:

1) Two lines max.

2) Once your Sig is owned. Your WHOLE fucking Sig is owned. Nothing else needs to be on there besides the Sig given. Your. Sig. Is. Owned. Deal with it, pussy.

3) One Sig displayed at a time. If you made a 100 Sig bets for one event and lost them all, that's your fucking problem. Control yourself. And mostly, its not fair on the winner to have to share their Sig with other stupid sausages you made bets with. Fuck that shit. The point of the Sig punishment will be lost. Take your punishment like the know-it-all-bitch you thought you were.

My final point, a Sig bet, is only truly effective if it has three main ingredients. Its concise, its clear and the last, but most important ingredient, is your personal touch. Be brutal, witty, friendly, douchey, faggy etc ..I don't care. Just be considerate to your fellow Maniacs. Pretty please, FFS!

So how about it, amigos? Suggestions/Rules/Repercussions? Over to you..

**DISCLAIMER. With this post. I'm not trying to call anyone out, or purposely take shots at anyone trying to make them feel bad. I'm just sick of it. Aren't you? That's all :)

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